Ucla Breakfast Hours (2024)

1. Hours of Operation, Today, July 1, 2024

  • Menu

  • UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) is the largest UC campus in terms of enrollment, and one of the few public research universities located in a major city.

2. UCLA Housing-Dining

  • Hours of Operation, Today... · Menus · Activity Levels · Rendezvous Menu

  • UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) is the largest UC campus in terms of enrollment, and one of the few public research universities located in a major city.

3. Dining Commons at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

  • Visit us inside the state of the art medical facility that houses the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Everyone is welcome! Available menus. Weekly menu ...

  • Guests at the Dining Commons may stop by for a delightful and aromatic cup of freshly brewed coffee or a skillfully prepared meal at any of the six meal stations including:

4. Dining - UCLA Housing

  • Please check here for current hours of operation. Department Phone Numbers · Twitter icon opens a new window; Instagram icon ...

5. Plateia - Mediterranean-Inspired California Fresh Cuisine in L.A.

6. UCLA Dining to introduce breakfast, late-night options in spring 2024

  • Mar 6, 2024 · Bruin Café will open from 7 to 9 a.m. and will serve breakfast bowls, coffee and pastries, UCLA Dining said in the statement. It added that ...

  • This post was updated on March 8 at 12:04 a.m. UCLA Dining will offer new breakfast and late-night dining options next quarter. Bruin Café and Epicuria at Ackerman will serve breakfast options starting next quarter, while De Neve dining hall will also offer a pilot program to bring back its late-night dining options, according to an emailed statement from UCLA Dining.


  • ASUCLA Location Hours. UCLA Restaurants - North Campus. Anderson Cafe Anderson School of Management, 2nd Floor 310.794.6930. SUNDAY 06/30/24: CLOSED. MONDAY 07 ...

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8. Cafeteria - UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center

  • Cafeteria Menu · 6:30 am to 12 am, Monday through Friday · 6:30 am to 8 pm, weekends and holidays.

  • Guests at the Cafeteria may stop by for a delightful and aromatic cup of freshly brewed coffee or a skillfully prepared meal at any of the six meal stations

9. UCLA Cafe Med - Los Angeles, CA

  • Browse Our Menu · Coastal Summer · Breakfast Buffets · Breakfast Buffet Additions · Salads and Sandwiches · Global Gatherings · Sushi · Beverages · All-Day ...

  • CaterTrax Online Ordering

10. Los Angeles – UCLA In-Line Location - Chick-fil-A

  • UCLA In-Line. Address icon. 900 Westwood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90024. Hours icon. Open until 11:00 PM ...

  • Come visit Chick-fil-A in Los Angeles - UCLA In-Line for delicious options such as our signature chicken sandwich, salads, chicken nuggets, and breakfast menu.

11. Refreshments - UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge

  • Meal Service begins with dinner on the day of your arrival and ends with lunch on the day of your departure. Breakfast is served from 8:00–9:00 a.m. ...

  • We offer nourishing and tempting items to make your meeting memorable.

12. 9 reasons UCLA Dining is the best in the nation | 20 comments - LinkedIn

  • Sep 25, 2023 · ... eat at B-Plate after undergraduate dining hours. All those in favor say aioli. Like · Reply · 12 Reactions 13 Reactions.

  • What does it take to fuel the top minds of the #1 public university? The best campus cuisine, of course. For the fifth year in a row, UCLA has been named… | 20 comments on LinkedIn

13. Dining Locations - UCLA Housing

  • Currently our “All-You-Care-To-Eat” residential restaurants are only open to those ... Hours of operation to be determined. Logo_De Neve Dining_300x300.

  • UCLA Dining offers a variety of dining options for students, faculty, staff and guests.

14. Hours of operation ucla dining - funkmeldung

  • Hours of Operation, Saturday, June 15, 2024 | UCLA Housing-Dining. Currently our "All-You-Care-To-Eat" residential restaurants are.

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15. Lake Arrowhead Dining

  • When you come to the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge, you have a unique opportunity to indulge in Lake Arrohwead's one-of-a-kind culinary experience from our award- ...

  • Enjoy three extraordinary meals per day in our inviting dining rooms.

16. UCLA Dining Hours in (University of California) - Lunch Menu

  • Apr 13, 2024 · UCLA Dining Hours ; Date (April), Days, Breakfast, Lunch / Brunch, Dinner ; 14 April to 22 April, Monday to Friday, 7 am to 9:30 am, 11 am to 3 pm ...

  • At the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), dining offers a wonderful variety of foods that meet the different tastes of students, faculty, and visitors. You can enjoy flavors from around the world as well as classic dishes that feel like home. This guide helps you understand the UCLA dining hours across campus and gives ... Read more


  • Monday thru THURSDAY · 11:30am - 2:30pm · *wE accept UCLA Meal Plan swipes!

18. UCLA - Rubio's Coastal Grill

  • Hours · SUN · MON · TUE · WED · THU · FRI · SAT.

  • About Rubio'sUCLA

Ucla Breakfast Hours (2024)


Can you eat at UCLA without being a student? ›

Residential Restaurants

Guests and visitors can purchase Meal Tickets or Visitor BruinCards to use at the restaurants (due to labor shortages, currently not accepted).

Why is UCLA food so good? ›

UCLA has its own bakery, which produces roughly 95% of all baked goods served on campus. Having an in-house bakery allows these items to be made fresh daily with less sugar and salt, extra whole grains and no preservatives. It also reduces food waste because the team only makes what is needed.

Where are the food trucks at UCLA? ›

UCLA food trucks are available at Sproul Court and Rieber Court. On-campus residents can exchange up to two meal swipes per day for coupons to use at the food trucks.

What is the time schedule for breakfast food? ›

You should eat within the first hour of waking to get your body primed for a successful day. Between 6 and 10 a.m. would be the ideal time to take this first meal, mainly so that you set yourself up for a second meal a few hours later.

What hours are considered breakfast? ›

Breakfast – meal eaten in the morning, usually before 10:00 am. Later meals can involve breakfast food but are usually not considered breakfast.

Can a boy and a girl share a dorm at UCLA? ›

Housing Services has the ability to assign students of different genders to the same room, in gender inclusive housing, upon request. Students interested in gender inclusive housing should indicate their interest within the housing application.

Does UCLA give free food? ›

CPO Food Closet

The UCLA Community Programs Office (CPO) Food Closet, the campus' anonymous, food pantry, provides students with food and other basic necessities.

How much is a UCLA meal swipe? ›

UCLA Dining did not clarify when it believes the system will go back to pre-pandemic staffing. Students are currently able to exchange one swipe for $9 in value from ASUCLA dining locations on campus, including LuValle Commons and the Court of Sciences Student Center, as well as at the UCLA Store as of Tuesday.

Why is UCLA so prestigious? ›

Outstanding academia; remarkable scientific research, clinical treatments, engineering innovations, and alumni network; amazing campus beauty; fabulous sports and their fans. UCLA is the best in the world!

Is UCLA number 1 dining? ›

UCLA has earned the No. 1 spot in the “2021 Best College Food in America opens a new window” rankings.

Are UCLA degrees respected? ›

UCLA performs very well in all the national and international rankings of the “best” public and private universities, including the most widely known list published by U.S. News & World Report.

Does UCLA have a grocery store? ›

Visitors and can buy anything UCLA and more in the store. It is just like a super store with books, food, supermarket, cosmetic, gifts.

How to order food at UCLA? ›

Download the Transact Mobile Ordering app from the App Store or Google Play. Open the app and select "UCLA Housing & Hospitality Dining" as your campus. Log in with your UCLA Logon ID (SSO). Place your order.

What city in California has the most food trucks? ›

Glendale, Los Angeles, and Oakland, CA, have the most diverse food trucks in the U.S. San Francisco, Sunnyvale, and Ontario, CA, have the most popular food trucks in the U.S. Austin, TX, is the best U.S. city for Caribbean, Coffee & Tea, Mexican, and Middle Eastern/Halal food trucks.

Is there a specific time to eat breakfast? ›

A fast metabolism rate means your body will effortlessly break down food to release energy and utilize that energy to keep you energized all day. The best time to have breakfast is between 7 AM and 8 AM. Under no circ*mstances must you delay your breakfast beyond 10 AM. So, don't be late for breakfast!

What time do UCLA buildings open? ›

In general, campus buildings are open from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., unless other specific building hours are established and posted.

Is food free in UCLA? ›

Description: Free food, hot meals, and kitchen and internet access available for financially struggling students. Please call for details.

What time does the study UCLA open? ›

The Study at Hedrick is a mixed-use environment where students can access a 24-hour study space with a built-in, all-day eatery, open 7:00 a.m. — 2:00 a.m. The Study offers a variety of set-ups including private study carrels, quiet reading rooms, and discussion rooms wired with state-of-the-art technology and writable ...


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