Free NBA Picks - Expert Basketball Picks For Today’s Games | Pickswise (2024)

What Free NBA Expert Picks Do You Offer At Pickswise?

If you’re looking for the best NBA picks today we have you covered as our NBA experts share their best picks for the top NBA games, every day, all season long. Our NBA picks will encompass the most popular types of NBA wager including money line, spread, totals, NBA Prop Bets and NBA Parlays across all of today’s games. Each of these NBA picks will come with a full match preview, including the latest stats and trends to consider when waging on a game. We also have daily NBA Computer Picks whereby our supercomputer runs over 10,000 simulations to predict the score and outcome of each game.

Free NBA Money Line Picks

NBA Money line picks are the simplest way to make a pick or have a wager on an NBA basketball match. An NBA money line pick is picking which team you think will win the match. With no ties in the NBA, the outcomes are win or lose, right or wrong. NBA money line picks are popular, but if you are betting a strong favorite in the NBA, their money line the odds can be as low as -600. On the flip side, however, if you like an underdog to cause an upset, you can see some great odds and returns. Because of the way the money line is often priced in the NBA, the tricky part is finding the best value NBA money line picks, and avoiding the sports where upsets are more likely. Here at Pickswise, our NBA experts lean on decades of experience betting basketball, as well as hours of research to find you the best NBA money line picks, analysis, and stats ahead of all of the top NBA games this season. All of our picks and NBA Predictions are completely free so check out today’s NBA money line picks now!

Free NBA Picks Against the Spread for Today’s Games

When you want to bet on an elite team but don’t want to risk $600 or more to win $100, our expert NBA picks against the spread are the way to go. Betting against the spread on the NBA means you’re not wagering on a team to win, but to either win by a certain number of points or to lose by fewer than a certain number of points. If we take for example Golden State being -650 on the Moneyline they will be around -10.5 against the spread. This means they have to win the game by 11 points or more for you to cash your ticket.

NBA picks against the spread are a great way to bet on underdogs too. Let’s say we go against the Golden State Warriors in the above example and we take the points. Our team can lose by 10 points or fewer points and we still win. This is where those ‘meaningless’ half-court shots at the buzzer turn from anguish into elation. They can also cause an upset and win the game outright, or against the spread.

Free NBA Over/Under Picks – NBA Totals Picks

NBA over/under picks are arguably the most exhilarating of all the North American sports. On any given night in the NBA, you might see an 85-81 contest in one game compared to a 145-142 score in another. NBA totals picks can be legitimately won or lost with one bad – or great – quarter. A lot of bettors enjoy NBA over/under picks because every single offensive possession counts and it makes the games that much more thrilling to watch. There are many ways in which you can research an NBA over/under pick, with team news, head-to-head records, defensive and offensive stats, and many other metrics all considered in making our free NBA over/under picks. Each of our NBA over/under picks will come with a full analysis for that pick, including the key stats in helping us decide which side of the line to be on. Check out today’s NBA over/under picks now.

Free Expert Basketball Picks Today

Pickswise is the home of the best free basketball picks today, you can even check out our selections for the Best NBA Bets right now. Our expert basketball handicappers break down today’s matches to find you the best free basketball picks, We’ve also got expert advice for NBA Futures and how to bet on the NBA. A good basketball pick is a well-researched and fully informed one. Our experts crunch all the latest NBA News, team and player statistics, trends, history and rely upon decades of handicapping experience ahead of making each basketball pick.

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NBA Picks: The proof is in the statline

At Pickswise we work hard to bring you the best NBA picks in the market, on all bet types. Our expert handicappers don’t just rely on their decades of experience, we choose to take the statistical approach. All of our team are specially selected and have demonstrable experience and success. As a result, everyone on our roster puts in hours of research and data analysis as part of every NBA pick, bringing you picks you can rely on.

Andrew Wilsher, Pickswise Managing Editor

More Than Just NBA Picks Today

We also specialize in every major North American sport at Pickswise, our expert picks include:

  • NFL Picks
  • NHL Picks
  • MLB Picks
  • College Football Picks
  • College Basketball Picks

Check out our site every single day for some of the best bets in every major athletic contest and make sure to follow us on social media as well.

Free NBA Picks - Expert Basketball Picks For Today’s Games | Pickswise (2024)


What is the best site to get free sports picks? ›

MLB Predictions

Pickswise is the home of free sports picks and betting tips. Our experts give you their best bets every day on all major US sports. To have long-term success in building up your bankroll your wagers must be well-researched and made on an informed basis.

What is the most accurate NBA prediction site? ›

FAQ – NBA Predictions

The best site to find great NBA picks for today is Oddspedia. This platform offers predictions for many different betting markets, and they are all made by expert tipsters. You can even see how the tipsters have been performing.

Who is the best sports predictor? ›

AI Sports Betting Prediction Site Comparison
RankAI Sports Betting Prediction SitePrediction Accuracy
#4Infinity Sports AIHigh
1 more row
May 31, 2024

How to bet on today's basketball game? ›

Choose Your Bets
  1. Moneyline. Moneyline wagers are as straightforward as choosing a victor in the game. ...
  2. Point Spread. Point spread bets are similar to moneyline bets. ...
  3. Over/Under. Over/under bets allow you to bet on the combined point total between both teams at the final buzzer.

What is the free guaranteed sports picks app? ›

Wagertalk provides free sports picks for sports betting each and every day of the year, for NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAAF, NCAAB, KBO, UCL, and so much more.

What is the most accurate prediction site? ›

  1. Football Whispers (9/10) Football Whispers is hailed by many as the best and most reliable football prediction site. ...
  2. MrFixitsTips (8/10) ...
  3. Sports Mole (8/10) ...
  4. PredictZ (7/10) ...
  5. Betensured (6/10)
Jun 24, 2024

How accurate are NBA spreads? ›

The total (or over/under) is the predicted points scored between both teams. Sportsbooks set these numbers, and they do so with great accuracy. That plays out in the historical data, with the over winning 49.7 percent of the time since 2003 and the under hitting 50.3 percent.

What is the best NBA website? ›

Most Visited Basketball Websites
1nba.comSports > Basketball
2basketball-reference.comSports > Basketball
3titan007.comSports > Basketball > Basketball
46 more rows

How to predict basketball correctly? ›

You'll want to focus on the performance of the team as a whole (e.g. shooting % , three-point %, points per game, points allowed per game, offensive / defensive rating, etc.) for both when they play home and away. Teams' performances can often vary dramatically depending on the venue.

What is the best free bet prediction site? ›

OLBG is the best betting tips site available because it pools knowledge from 1000s of tipsters whose expertise is spread across many different sports and other specialisms.

What is the free winning prediction site? ›

Meritpredict is best Free football prediction site in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, United States of America (USA) and United Kingdom (UK). provides you with a wide range of accurate predictions you can rely on.

Which sport is the easiest to predict? ›


As a bettor looking to bet on a sport without spending time on research, soccer is the right choice. Soccer is undoubtedly the most popular team sport globally, with a very large betting fanbase, too. Bettors familiar with the sport know that it is an easy bet that is mostly quite predictable.

What is the most accurate basketball prediction site? ›

Oddspedia is the best basketball prediction site since it indicates the performance of its tipsters.

What website has NBA predictions? › is the home of NBA predictions in the United States.

What is the best site for free NFL picks? › is the place to find all your NFL betting tips. From NFL expert picks and analysis to game previews and betting strategy, the talented team at Bookies goes deeper than anyone else to provide everything you need for betting on the best league in sports.

Which site is 100% accurate for football predictions free? ›

Timetowin is the best football prediction site . We are 100% consistent in giving accurate football predictions and greatly outstanding tips with highest level of accuracy among other football prediction websites. we give wide variety of football match predictions and tips to maximize your winning potentials in bets.

How do I get a sporty free bet? ›

Simply place a pre-match single bet of NGN 1,000 or more on the game and get a NGN 500 free bet for every goal they score.

Is paying for sports picks worth it? ›

If you are placing small wagers like that, you will likely end up paying more for your picks than you will end up winning from those bets. Paying for picks is only worth it if you are going to end up winning more money than you paid for the picks in the first place.


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