Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (2024)

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (1)

Donna Weinberger

Sir Speedy helped us complete last-minute printing with ease and great quality. Thank you and I highly recommend them!

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (2)

Scott Rispaud

After deciding to do a new biz card, I met with Jackie Rae, sales and marketing associate. Jackie was great from providing my quote, to the design process, corrections and finished product, I'm very please. I'd highly recommend Sir Speedy and Jackie Rae.

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (3)

Martin Lu

We had 2 rush orders and gave them a few days notice. They did such a great job and we are very happy with how they came out. Kind, accommodating and great people

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (4)

Oliver O'Reilly-Hyland

I needed a rush order for funeral programs 3 days before a funeral in early March. When I reached out, it was a busy time for the business, and the team was unsure of whether they could have the programs ready in time. Once I spoke with Ralph about the urgency of the situation, he could not have been more kind and helpful. He worked with me on doing a rush order to get the programs ready quickly and they came out beautifully. The color and paper quality of the programs completely exceeded my expectations, and Ralph’s customer service is phenomenal. I cannot be more complimentary of Sir Speedy & Ralph!

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (5)

Keith Lorigan

Jackie is the best. Listens then provides excellent ideas with reason why to go in one direction vs. another. Very happy customer here. Will use again.

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (6)

Sara Clemente

We always receive great product from SirSpeedy! Exactly what we were looking for our new inserts! The cardstock is the perfect thickness, making the new inserts look professional and eye catching! Thank you SirSpeedy and crew for the beautiful inserts!

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (7)

Marianne Fitzgerald

Chris at Sir Speedy is an absolute gem! He's reliable, consistently delivering top-notch work and always meets deadlines without fail. Our promotional materials are in excellent hands with him. His attention to detail ensures that everything is taken care of impeccably. Couldn't be happier with his service!

I needed some memorial cards done super quickly for a tragic loss of a dear friend’s child. I called around and search for someone in the area to print for me and no one was able to help except for the kind staff at Sir Speedy. So grateful they could help.

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (9)

Dianne Falzarano

Thank You for meeting our tight deadlines. We were very appreciative of your getting the job done on time even though we had to make changes. Your quick responses and all your accommodations were greatly appreciated. We have had a good relationship with your company for many years. Your expertise and exceptional customer service has been a big plus. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.The staff is very friendly, cooperative and accommodating.

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (10)

Kai Lassen

Ordered products for my launch party, quality was 10/10. Incredible staff, easy to work with and a quick turnaround.Highly recommend!

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (11)

Jeriame Kensinger

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!Great quality and extremely fast turnaround time. Very happy with the results and will continue to use Sir Speedy for all our printing needs as our "Go To" printer.Couldn't ask for a more reliable, friendly, professional, and fast printer. They always exceed our expectations and do a fantastic job.Thank you for all you do!

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (12)

Sarita Stanford

Sir Speedy is a very reliable company with many professional employees that are very knowledgeable & great to work with. They do great work and we love doing business with them. A special thank you goes out to our sales rep, Jackie Rea. She a great sales rep and she has helped me with so many projects...kutos to her!! She is fantastic! Her Art Team is also great. Thanks to the Sir Speedy Team!

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (13)

Anna Weinlick

Can highly recommend Sir Speedy. The did an awesome job with our poster boards and the costumer service is excellent!

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (14)

gus rodriguez

I was getting ready for a grand opening of a new bakery location in Lake Park and was informed at the last minute that my printed flyers were delayed. My wife reminded me of a Sir Speedy in West Palm Beach and we immediately went to see if they would be able to help. They saved the day! I was able to get a printed poster and flyers fully done in 24 hours. As a business owner, I rely on good service and Sir Speedy is now on my list of vendors that we will work with moving forward.

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (15)

Cindy Cavender

Service has been excellent and the customer care consistently extaordinary since our medical group (PCSI) started using Sir Speedy to current. Couldnt be happier with your service.

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (16)

Joseph Conway

The design process was thorough and Sir Speedy was committed to getting our designs and printed materials perfect. We are extremely happy!

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (17)

Heather Lopez

I love Sir Speedy. Shauna and Chris are always so accommodating and friendly. I always receive high quality items from them.

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (18)

Stacy Kaufman

Jackie works hard to make sure products are delivered when promised! Needed something made up on short notice...and Jackie came through with flying colors! Call Jackie to print, provide custom products and get the job done!

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (19)

Brant Boisclair

Great experience. They made a vinyl sign for our business. The material was quality and they were able to ship it right to us with a fast turnaround. They’ve earned our business for life!

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (20)

Beth Garcia Svopa

I use the Sir Speedy in West Palm Beach for all of my printing needs, in additional to all of my promotional products.They are very competitively priced and back up their product. Staff is amazing. Give them a try, you wont be disappointed.

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (21)

Robin Cavanagh

Thank you Sir Speedy! Jackie and your customer service department are so helpful. I still can’t believe how fast you deliver my orders, and everything comes out perfect!Many thanks, Robin Cavanagh

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (22)

Stephanie Dana

Jackie Rea and her team always knock it out of the park for us! The level of customer service has been outstanding on every order. I gave Jackie and Shauna an idea of what we were looking for and our expectations were exceeded. I would highly recommend them and enjoy working with a local company that takes pride in their products!

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (23)

Howard Silver

Jackie Rae and her team at Sir Speedy did a fantastic job with all our marketing!

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (24)

Steve Barry

Always awesome. Thank you very much.

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (25)

Cat Calsetta

You can always count on the friendly and hardworking Sir Speedy team in a pinch. They are professional and fun to work with. They are my go-to printers.

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (26)

Craig Steel

I've been using Sir Speedy for years for various print projects for my restaurants including menus, banners and more. I have always been more than satisfied with the results, as well as the customer service which is always on point. Fast, too! Highly recommended.

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (27)

Nathan Bianco

Thank you to Chris and the staff for their professionalism. We ordered a large banner for our new business, from ordering until delivery... 24 hrs, and we are located in R.I. Huge Thanks!!!!!

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (28)

Chris Larson

Had a business book/portfolio assembled by the Sir Speedy team in West Palm Beach and couldn't be happier with how it turned out. The staff was very professional, great at listening and understanding the vision for the book and I'll be a returning customer. I highly recommend them.

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (29)

Jupiter Man

Having dealt with a few different printers in the past I found one who actually appreciates its customers. It's like they actually want your business instead of acting like you are bothering them like others do! They are very nice and professional. If your looking for a printer who treats you like a valued customer instead of a number I say give them a call.

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (30)

Beth Cain

Derrick was my customer service rep and I thought his customer service was exceptional. He responded very promptly and understood that I was working under a tight deadline. In fact, the job was done quicker than I expected and the final product was perfect. I have already come back for a second, even larger run. And did I mention the prices were super reasonable? Very happy customer, I will definitely be using your services again.

Printing and Copying | Sir Speedy (2024)


Is there a difference between printing and copying? ›

It's quite simple to distinguish as a copier's main purpose is to make duplicate copies, while a printer's main goal is to print. However, a multi-purpose printer is able to do both and much more. A copier is a photocopying device that allows users to make duplicate copies of a document or an image, that too cheap.

What is printing and copying? ›

Printing: takes a digital file, puts it on paper… Copying: takes a paper document, scans it to make it digital, then, prints it onto paper… Scanning: takes a paper document, scans it to make it digital…

Who is Sir Speedy? ›

Sir Speedy is known as the "world's largest printing, copying, and document management franchisor serving small and mid-sized businesses".

Is copying cheaper than printing? ›

Generally speaking, most copiers use toner cartridges that last longer and can be more affordable. Printers can use ink or toner cartridges. Though, ink cartridges do not last if toner cartridges and can cost more in the long run than toner cartridges.

Does photocopying use less ink than printing? ›

Whether printing or copying, the printer utilizes the same amount of ink. On common printer related complaint is the high cost of toner or ink. People who print in large volume should always give a thought about the cost and consumption of ink. In order to reduce the cost per page follows the below tips.

Is printing and copy paper the same? ›

Copy Paper vs Printer Paper

Copy paper is slightly thinner and less expensive than printer paper. When printing documents with text, you can use the two interchangeably. It won't make much of a difference beyond the amount of light that passes through each sheet of paper, which depends on the weight.

Is a printed copy a hard copy? ›

A printed document file is called a 'hardcopy' because it physically exists as an actual piece of paper. Since hard copy is a physical document, it can get subjected to wear and tear. Examples of Hardcopy are: newspapers, printouts, magazines, or anything that is put up on paper.

Do printers keep a copy of what you print? ›

Apart from temporary print history, printers do not store data like a computer or external storage device. The memory in a printer is typically used for processing print jobs and ensuring smooth printing operations. Once a print job is completed, the data is usually cleared from the printer's memory.

Who is the real Speedy? ›

Arsenal (real name Roy Harper) was the original Speedy and the former sidekick of Green Arrow. Shortly after becoming Green Arrow's partner, he was abducted by Lex Luthor and the Light, where he was cloned for the purpose of infiltrating the Justice League.

Who is the owner of Speedy? ›

In April 2021, the French company Geopost became the majority owner of Speedy.

Who is the CEO of Speedy? ›

Dan Evans. Appointed to the Board as Chief Executive on 1 October 2022.

Can I use copy paper in my printer? ›

While inkjet and laser printer paper types are not interchangeable, you can use multipurpose or copy paper in either printer without issue. However, because multipurpose and copy paper are quite thin, using inkjet or laser printer paper will give you the best results for printing images.

Is a printed document a hard copy? ›

A hard copy refers to a physical printout or document that you can hold in your hands. It is a tangible representation of information or data that you can see and touch.


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