How to get to every Shadow of the Erdtree region and area on the map (2024)

How to get to every Shadow of the Erdtree region and area on the map (1)

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  • Scadu Altus
  • Shadow Keep
  • Ancient Ruins of Rauh
  • Jagged Peak
  • Cerulean Coast
  • Stone Coffin Fissure
  • Abyssal Woods
  • Scadutree
  • Hinterlands
  • Scadutree Base
  • Tower of Shadow

To unlock every area and region in the Shadow of the Erdtree map, players will have to comb the entirety of Elden Ring's Realm of Shadow, finding secret entrances and solving puzzles… or you could use my guide to find every single one for yourself. Areas like The Hinterlands, the Abyssal Woods, or the Scadutree itself are incredibly hard to reach without either brains, luck or a helping hand, so if you're noticing large parts of the map you've yet to unlock, here's how you can find literally everywhere worth going in Shadow of the Erdtree.

All locations, regions and areas in Shadow of the Erdtree

How to get to every Shadow of the Erdtree region and area on the map (2)

We've divided the map of Shadow of the Erdtree into twelve distinct areas, regions and locations for the player to find. Some are much easier to reach than others, but only five of them are actually mandatory for the player to find if they hope to reach the main ending, as outlined in our Shadow of the Erdtree walkthrough. Those regions are, in order you'll reach them, the Gravesite Plain, Scadu Altus, Shadow Keep, Ancient Ruins of Rauh, and the Tower of Shadow.

All other areas are optional, though obviously it goes without saying that… well, why wouldn't you want to find them? They're full of new adventures, enemies, bosses and loot, as well as more of the valuable Shadow of the Erdtree Scadutree Fragments you can use to empower yourself for the various boss fights.

With that in mind, I'll lay out how to reach every area below, as well as an indication of what you can find there. Use the navigation tags at the side of the page to find the region you want, and you'll be there before long!

How to get to Gravesite Plain in Shadow of the Erdtree

How to get to every Shadow of the Erdtree region and area on the map (3)

The starting area, Gravesite Plain, isn't hard to reach in the slightest - it's just where you begin when you start off. After figuring out how to start Shadow of the Erdtree, you're teleported to the Southwest corner of this region, and can explore it at your leisure.

How to get to Scadu Altus in Shadow of the Erdtree

How to get to every Shadow of the Erdtree region and area on the map (4)

Scadu Altus is an open realm of churches and ruins, as well as the important Cathedral of Manus Metyr on its East side, and the second major area you're likely to reach. To get to the Altus, you need to do the following.

  1. In Gravesite Plain, head to Castle Ensis in the Northeast corner of the region.
  2. Fight through the main entrance and up through to the highest point.
  3. Here, you'll have to beat the Shadow of the Erdtree Rellana boss fight.
  4. Defeating Rellana opens a door in the back of her arena to the South side of Scadu Altus.

How to get to the Shadow Keep in Shadow of the Erdtree

How to get to every Shadow of the Erdtree region and area on the map (5)

The Shadow Keep is a crossroads and connecting point for all the regions around it, with multiple entrances and exits. The first time you access it, it'll be via one of two ways: the first of these is the main entrance, which is on the South Side, past the giant Furnace Golem and guarded by a Hippo within. It's not hard to miss - follow the road through the soldier camp straight to the front door.

Alternatively, players can go around to the east side, through the flooded Church District. To navigate this area you'll need to hop on rooftops until you come around to a lever that unfloods the area and makes it more explorable.

How to get to the Ancient Ruins of Rauh in Shadow of the Erdtree

How to get to every Shadow of the Erdtree region and area on the map (6)

There's multiple ways to reach Rauh, a jungly, overgrown area full of desiccated structures. The main one is through the Shadow Keep.

  1. Enter the Shadow Keep and defeat the Golden Hippopotamus.
  2. Progress through until you reach the Specimen Storehouse 1st Floor Site of Grace.
  3. From here, turn West and go into the room with the elevator going down (shown above).
  4. Fight through the basem*nt area of horrible flesh monsters until you reach a long bridge with a mage at the end who summons blood showers on you.
  5. Fight to the end of the bridge - and past there, you'll reach the Ancient Ruins of Rauh.

How to get to the Jagged Peak in Shadow of the Erdtree

The Jagged Peak is a mountain that serves as a gauntlet for a number of similar boss fights. We won't spoil what the running theme is, but Marika knows you'll feel like a true hero if you can beat them all.

  1. Start in the Gravesite Plain. From the soldier camp outside Castle Ensis, head along the route South.
  2. When you hit a split in the road, take the right one (so you're going directly South rather than South-South-East). If there's a man in the road called Igon who's yelling, that's the right path.
  3. You'll be attacked by an NPC called the Ancient Dragon-Man in a canyon. You don't have to fight him, but you're going the right way.
  4. At the end of that path is a Cave - which turns out to be a dungeon called the Dragon Pit. Head inside.
  5. Fight through the Dungeon to its lowest point (there's a magma wyrm in there you don't need to fight).
  6. At the lowest point is a giant hole surrounded by candles, and a message that reads "Be brave. Show no fear."
  7. Jump into the hole. You won't die, but there will be a boss fight against a more powerful version of the Ancient Dragon-Man.
  8. Defeat the boss and you'll be able to leave the cave, emerging into the Jagged Peak area.

How to get to the Cerulean Coast in Shadow of the Erdtree

How to get to every Shadow of the Erdtree region and area on the map (8)

The Cerulean Coast is a beautiful area roughly split into two sections - the coast itself, marked by blue flowers, and Charo's Hidden Grave, marked by red flowers. You'll pass through the Grave to reach the rest of it, but there's thing to find in both regions.

  1. Reach Jagged Peak, as described above.
  2. From the beginning, head to the first open area with the Jagged Peak Drake boss.
  3. You don't need to fight it - instead, head South to the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion.
  4. There'll be a giant dragon carcass here. Navigate around its West flank, and there'll be a drop down to a field of flowers.
  5. Follow the field to the right to reach Charo's Hidden Grave and the Cerulean Coast.

How to get to the Stone Coffin Fissure in Shadow of the Erdtree

How to get to every Shadow of the Erdtree region and area on the map (9)

The Stone Coffin Fissure is an easy-to-miss area that doesn't even show up on the map, being underground and all. It's short, but worth exploring, with new threats and characters of note within.

  1. Reach the Cerulean Coast, as described above.
  2. Follow the Southern shoreline to the peninsula at the very southernmost point of the Realm of Shadow map.
  3. Here there'll be an enormous hole in the ground, big enough to be visible on your map itself.
  4. Carefully use the ledges to platform down, and you'll reach the Stone Coffin Fissure.

How to get to the Abyssal Woods in Shadow of the Erdtree

How to get to every Shadow of the Erdtree region and area on the map (10)

There's a couple of ways to reach the Abyssal Woods, including a path down the East side of Gravesite Plain near Thiollier and the Fort of Reprimand, but that's not ideal for new players. Here's the better, intended route - though it is a long one.

  1. Access the Shadow Keep through the main entrance.
  2. Beat the Hippo, then progress to the outside battlement filled with burning boats.
  3. At the easternmost side will be a ladder going down to the moat - descend that.
  4. Follow the path along the moat's edge to a doorway with another ladder going down.
  5. At the bottom will be a painting - and a wall on the southern side that turns out to be illusory when you hit it.
  6. Past the Illusory Wall is a coffin you can ride along the river to the Ruins of Unte.
  7. Horseride past the Golems to the southwest river, and follow its left bank along the cliffs.
  8. When you reach the waterfall, use the stone platforms jutting out of the cliff to safely leap down.
  9. Follow the river further to the next waterfall, and more stone platforms to jump down.
  10. Hug the lefthand cliff wall until you reach a set of doors with white torches outside. Enter and go inside to the Darklight Catacombs.
  11. Follow the Catacombs all the way down to a boss fight with Jori, Elder Inquisitor, a boss that uses illusions, ranged attacks and summons to harass you.
  12. Once Jori is dead, head through and you'll reach the Abyssal Woods - and good luck to you, frankly.

How to get to the Scadutree in Shadow of the Erdtree

How to get to every Shadow of the Erdtree region and area on the map (11)

The Scadutree isn't really that, but the game calls it as such, so we'll go along with it. In fact, this small cliff area is more where the Scadutree is worshipped and revered, with a Chalice filled with Fragments at its northern point - and a rather piggish boss to overcome.

  1. Unflood the Church District of the Shadow Keep by following the rooftops around to a lever.
  2. Fight the fire knight at the second level of the main church, then take the higher path going north to a rising elevator.
  3. This'll take you to the back of the Specimen Storehouse. Climb all the way up until you reach the Storehouse, Loft Site of Grace.
  4. Climb up onto the rafters and you can jump down from them onto a section of floor on the north side of the tower (shown above).
  5. Head outside to a descending elevator - which brings you to the "Shadow Keep, Back Gate" Site of Grace and the Scadutree Region itself.

How to get to the Hinterlands in Shadow of the Erdtree

How to get to every Shadow of the Erdtree region and area on the map (12)

This one is a nightmare to work out, and we don't blame people for not knowing how to get there, as it's something of a puzzle. Still, you can find some fun bosses and key locations here.

  1. From the Moorth Ruins in Scadu Altus, carefully navigate down the hole at the South end without dying.
  2. At the bottom, you'll emerge out into the Bonny Village.
  3. Head to the North cliffs in the area, where you'll find a body with the "O Mother" gesture on it.
  4. Now, you need to get to the Scadutree Region, as described above. Get all the way to the "Shadow Keep, Back Gate" Site of Grace.
  5. Turn right into the Cathedral area with the statue of Marika at the end.
  6. Step towards Marika and do the "O Mother" gesture.
  7. If done right, the statue should move, revealing a doorway to take you to the Hinterlands.

How to get to the Scadutree Base in Shadow of the Erdtree

How to get to every Shadow of the Erdtree region and area on the map (13)

The Scadutree Base is a tiny area that's basically where you have a single boss fight, but it's a good one, and therefore as worth pursuing as anywhere else.

  1. Unflood the Church District of the Shadow Keep, then head down to the now accessible ground level.
  2. Enter the northmost Church. At the very back is an elevator that goes down (shown above).
  3. There'll be a rickety wooden bridge crossing a ravine. Go over it.
  4. Beyond you'll find a church and a Site of Grace called the Tree Worship Sanctum. This is the main Site of Grace for the Scadutree Base area.

How to get to the Tower of Shadow in Shadow of the Erdtree

How to get to every Shadow of the Erdtree region and area on the map (14)

The Tower of Shadow, also known as Enir-Ilim, is the last major area of the game, and actually somewhere you have to unlock through the main story by completing certain bosses and puzzles. We go into more detail in our full walkthrough on what to do in Shadow of the Erdtree, but the basic premise is this:

  1. Defeat Romina, Saint of the Bud, in southwest Rauh to access the Sealing Tree.
  2. Defeat Messmer the Impaler at the highest point of the Shadow Keep to get Messmer's Kindling.
  3. Use the Kindling to burn the tree.
  4. This will teleport you to Enir-Ilim. It will also become accessible through the Divine Beast Dancing Lion's arena.

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How to get to every Shadow of the Erdtree region and area on the map (15)

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How to get to every Shadow of the Erdtree region and area on the map (2024)


How many areas are in the shadow of the erdtree? ›

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree has its own map, which is divided into 12 distinct areas and 5 regions. Of course, some areas are easier to find than others, but it's important to note that you don't have to find all of them; only five are mandatory.

How to get to rauh base? ›

While this zone might share the name with the ruins of Rauh, it can't be accessed from the same place. To get here, you need to go through the lake located north of Moorth Ruins (the ones with the blue worms around), which leads to a cave with another Scadutree Fragment.

Where to go first in Shadow of the Erdtree? ›

Upon starting Shadow of the Erdtree, head to Belurat, Castle Settlement and kill the Divine Beast Dancing Lion boss. This will give you access to the front door of the Tower of Shadow, though you can't get inside yet - it's currently sealed off. Head to Castle Ensis and beat Rellana, Twin Moon Knight.

What does DLC stand for? ›

DLC, or downloadable content, refers to additional content gamers download for video games after their initial release. This content may include new levels, characters, weapons, or skins.

What are the 4 big bosses in Elden Ring? ›

Godrick the Grafted (beat for one of the two required Great Runes) Red Wolf of Radagon (required boss to reach Rennala) Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon (beat for one of the two required Great Runes) God-devouring Serpent / Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy (beat for one of the two required Great Runes)

How to get ancient ruins of rauh map? ›

The Ancient Ruins of Rauh Map Fragment is located within the lower region, accessible via Scadu Altus.

Should you take Melina to Erdtree? ›

You have to accept Melina's accord in Elden Ring if you want to level up and get your horse. While suspicion is wise in a FromSoftware game, you really have to say yes here. Because without her, you'll be cut off from some crucial tools.

What happens to Roderika after you burn the Erdtree? ›

(Warning: spoiler for major other events concerning your own character) After you burn the erdtree, she moves to the fire place in the round table. She asks you to speak to smithing Master Hewg and try to convince him to leave the roundtable.

How do you find Goldmask after burning Erdtree? ›

Continue exploring the Altus Plateau until you reach Leyndell, the Royal Capital. Once inside, you'll be able to find Corhyn and Goldmask on a ridge overlooking the Erdtree near the colosseum on the city's western side.

How long is Shadow of Erdtree? ›

We do recommend spending time exploring the Shadow Realm and gathering useful items, such as Scadutree Fragments, as they will help you tackle the tougher bosses. If, however, you'd prefer to focus on mainling the critical boss path, Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree will take between 15 to 20 hours to beat.

How many bosses are in Shadow of the Erdtree? ›

However, if you include named NPC enemies and invasions, then there are 55 bosses in the DLC; and if you include repeated bosses and other boss-like enemies such as Furnace Golems, Hippopotamus, Ulcerated Tree Spirits, and so on, then there's a grand total of 80 bosses in Shadow Of The Erdtree.

How many legacy dungeons are in Shadow of the Erdtree? ›

Shadow of the Erdtree contains two major Legacy Dungeons, which are every bit as expansive and intricately designed as anything found in past FromSoftware releases.

What will Shadow of the Erdtree include? ›

Shadow of the Erdtree is a fully fledged expansion for Elden Ring that adds a whole new map with 70 New Weapons, 10 New Shields, 39 New Talismans, 14 New Sorceries, 28 New Incantations, 20 New Spirit Ashes, 25 New Ashes of War, 30 New Armor Sets and New Consumables & Craftables.


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