2024 Daily JumpChain Challenge RP (2024)


It's Miller Time (+100cp /1100) - For some reason, you always smell like you just spent an entire night sitting at a table with a bunch of Chinese guys, gambling and drinking.

Wild-Eyed Eight-Foot Tall Maniac (+200cp /1200) - Damn union reps. Apparently, he never got that check. Well, regardless of the reason, he is after you. This guy is massive, incredibly strong and tough and a highly experienced street fighter. He also seems to have an instinct on where to find you and when the best time to attack you would be. Alternatively, this could be a weird yeti demon.

There's A Problem With Your Face (+200cp /1400) - It is not that you are ugly. (Though you might be.) It is just that the bad guys seem to know you on sight. From the Lords of Death up to Lo-Pan himself, they will recognize you on sight and try to make some impromptu alterations to your features. Be careful where you go.

Live In Interesting Times (+300cp /1700) - The old Chinese curse. While most people in this world live fairly normal lives, you don't have that luxury. You are going to run into some form of supernatural occurrence on a regular basis, and while events on the level of the movie will be rare, they will happen at least a few times before your time here ends. This cannot be taken with the Time Is Money drawback.

Purity Of Kung Fu (+300cp /2000) - Look, Wang and Jack managed just fine, didn't they? So, you are going to have to attempt this jump without all of the perks, powers, and other abilities you have acquired. You are limited to your Body Mod and what you purchase in this Jump. Your Warehouse and items are included in this ban.


Resident - You live in Chinatown, whether you were born there or moved there from elsewhere, possibly China. You know the streets and the gangs, and possibly even have some clue about the stranger phenomenon that occurs here.


Worked My Fingers To The Bone (Free Resident) - When you have a goal, something you want, you have the determination to see it through, no matter what hardship you face. You never lack motivation and no amount of boredom can stop you from pursuing your dream.

Know The Streets (Discount Resident, -100cp 1900) - You are extremely streetsmart. You know where it is safe to go, who all the gangs are, and generally how to survive in some very dangerous places. Your instincts for danger and trouble are also extremely good, so you are very rarely surprised. This knowledge updates in each new setting.

Celestial Flying Dragon Style (Discount Resident, -200cp /1700) - You are a master martial artist. You can pick any style you want, or even choose multiple styles. You even learn new styles in less than a tenth the time it would have taken you otherwise. The point is, you can fight like the star of a martial arts action movie. You are incredibly fast, agile, flexible and strong, and have no more difficulty facing multiple opponents than you do facing just one. No mook will ever be able to defeat you.

Mind and Spirit Are One (Discount Resident, -300cp /1400) - When your mind and spirit are one, you can achieve things that most people think impossible. This is not reality warping or anything like that, but it basically lets you do all the outrageous tricks and stunts that you normally see in martial arts or wire-fu movies. This also allows you to always perform to the limits of your potential, doing the very best that you are capable of doing.

Of Course You've Plugged Somebody Before (-400cp /1000) - Well, maybe not. But it doesn't matter, you will not suffer any form of mental trauma from having to kill a person. Or from anything else for that matter. Your entire worldview could be turned upside down, and you would adapt in no time at all. Maybe it is because you are the co*ckiest SOB to ever walk the Earth, maybe not, but either way, you are immune to any form of insanity, trauma, PTSD or anything else that would negatively affect your level of sanity.

Clued In (-100cp /900) - You actually know what is going on. Evil spirits, the black blood of the Earth, what will come out no more, you know what all of that stuff is and means. This perk alone doesn't let you perform magic, but at least you aren't clueless anymore. In future jumps you will have an educated insider's knowledge of what types of fantastical powers and exotic creatures might exist, even in places where such things are kept secret from the world.

Expert On China (-50cp /850) - As the name says, you are an expert. You have doctorate levels of knowledge of the history, culture, folklore, music, dance, art, technology and literature of China. You are fully fluent in all variations and dialects of Chinese and can cook any style of Chinese food with as much skill as a world-class chef.

Showed Great Courage (-100cp /750) - You might get a little freaked out sometimes, but you never let that stop you from helping out a friend or doing what you have to. Though you still feel fear like normal, you have the capacity to overcome that fear, no matter how great it may be.


Sword (Free Resident) - You have a very nice sword, of your choice of style. It is razor sharp, cannot be broken or dulled, never needs cleaning or repair, and is somehow more difficult to notice than you would expect, as long as it is sheathed. The sword is a true masterpiece, perfectly balanced, and equal in quality to the best non-magical swords ever made.

Good Knife (-100cp /650) - This is a damn good knife. It is razor sharp, cannot be broken or dulled, and you can always pull it out of the nearest convenient space whenever you need it. Plus, it is perfectly balanced, whether you intend to throw it or use it up close and personal.

Time (-50cp /600) - Time is money to a guy like you. So, now you have one thousand, one hundred and forty-eight dollars, cash. In fact, if you spend part or all of this money, it will replenish in 24 hours.

Magic Potion (-300cp /300) - This potion, made to help mortal men fight the forces of Lo-Pan, has a handful of effects. First, it helps dispel fear and bolster confidence, though it can make the drinker feel a bit buzzed. Second, it enhances all the drinker's abilities by a full order of magnitude. And third, it allows the drinker to see through illusions or invisibility and interact with spirits as if they were flesh and blood. A dose of the potion lasts around 4 hours, and you have the formula to make more out of easily available materials.

Apartment/Office (-100cp /200) - You have a small but comfortable apartment, which also happens to contain your office. All bills and expenses are paid, including grocery bills. The best part is that your enemies will somehow never find you here, making it a safe haven. This apartment will be in a place where you desire in future jumps.

Picture Of Your True Love (Discounted for Resident, -200cp /0) You have a picture of your soulmate, your true love. This can be an existing Companion, or a new one acquired in this Jump. This picture is indestructible, and the relationship you have with your true love will never fade away or degrade. It will only get better and better. Also, in future Jumps, your true love will be imported for free, with your choice of that Jump's Companion Import option, or with 600cp to spend, including freebies and discounts from their Origin. Your true love does not take up a Companion slot.

Patrick awoke to find himself in the vibrant and chaotic world of Chinatown, San Francisco. His parents had Americanized his name, and he grew up with a unique blend of Chinese heritage and American culture. Now, as a 30-year-old freelance demon hunter, Patrick navigated the mystical and dangerous streets of Chinatown, his knowledge of the supernatural and combat skills making him a formidable presence.

Patrick's apartment and office were one and the same, a small but comfortable space that served as his safe haven. Bills and expenses were magically taken care of, allowing him to focus entirely on his mission: hunting demons and protecting the innocent. The familiar scent of the streets, mixed with the ever-present smell of alcohol and cigarettes, was a constant reminder of his life as a demon hunter.

Patrick was equipped with a range of powerful perks and items tailored to his dangerous lifestyle. His "Worked My Fingers To The Bone" perk gave him unparalleled determination, ensuring he never wavered in his goals. His "Know The Streets" perk made him incredibly street-smart, always aware of his surroundings and the dangers lurking within them.

He was a master martial artist, thanks to the "Celestial Flying Dragon Style" perk. This allowed him to learn new styles quickly and fight with incredible speed, agility, and strength. Coupled with the "Mind and Spirit Are One" perk, Patrick could perform extraordinary feats, much like the heroes of martial arts films. His combat skills were top-tier, and no mook could defeat him.

Patrick's mental fortitude was unbreakable. The "Of Course You've Plugged Somebody Before" perk rendered him immune to trauma and insanity, allowing him to face the horrors of his world without flinching. His deep understanding of the supernatural, enhanced by the "Clued In" and "Expert On China" perks, made him a knowledgeable and resourceful hunter. And an expert chef to boot.

A week before the events of "Big Trouble in Little China," Patrick found himself at the airport, just in time to witness the Lords of Death kidnapping Miao Yin. Recognizing the gang and their intentions, Patrick sprang into action. His "Sword" and "Good Knife" were always at the ready, perfectly balanced and razor-sharp. Plus with the ability to throw the knife, it strike his target, and him to reach behind himself for his sheathe there and it appear ready to throw meant it was an unlimited ammo weapon.

With the precision and speed of a master martial artist, Patrick intercepted the gang members, engaging them in a swift and brutal fight. His combat skills were unmatched, and he easily incapacitated the mooks, delaying their escape long enough for Wang Chi and Jack Burton to catch up.

As Wang and Jack approached, Patrick called out, "I've got this. You take care of her!" His reputation as a wandering hero was well-known, and Wang recognized him immediately. Together, they ensured Miao Yin's safety, but the encounter was only the beginning of a larger conflict.

Despite the initial success, Lo Pan's interest in Miao Yin's green eyes meant further attempts at kidnapping were inevitable. Patrick joined forces with Wang and Jack, forming a trio of unlikely heroes determined to thwart Lo Pan's plans. With his extensive knowledge of the supernatural and combat prowess, Patrick became a valuable asset to the team.

Throughout their adventures, Patrick's courage and determination shone through. The "Showed Great Courage" perk ensured that fear never held him back, and he faced each challenge head-on. From battling the Three Storms to navigating the labyrinthine corridors of Lo Pan's lair, Patrick's skills were put to the test.

The group's journey was fraught with danger, and supernatural occurrences were a regular part of their lives. Patrick's expertise allowed him to guide his companions through these challenges, his insights and strategies proving invaluable.

One of the most persistent threats Patrick faced was the "Wild-Eyed Eight-Foot Tall Maniac," a monstrous figure driven by an inexplicable vendetta. This massive, incredibly strong street fighter seemed to have an instinct for finding Patrick at the worst possible times.

Their encounters were brutal, with Patrick relying on his martial arts skills and sheer determination to hold his ground. The Magic Potion provided a significant boost when needed, enhancing his abilities tenfold and allowing him to see through illusions and interact with spirits as if they were flesh and blood.

Each battle with the maniac was a test of endurance and skill, but Patrick never backed down. His unyielding spirit and superior combat techniques ensured that he always emerged victorious, albeit often bruised and battered.

As the climax of the movie approached, Patrick, Wang, and Jack prepared for their final assault on Lo Pan's lair. The Magic Potion gave them the edge they needed, boosting their confidence and abilities to supernatural levels. With Egg Shen joining their ranks, the group was ready to face the ultimate battle.

Patrick's role in the final showdown was crucial. His ability to perform at the peak of his potential, thanks to "Mind and Spirit Are One," allowed him to engage the Three Storms directly. His swordsmanship and martial arts skills were on full display as he fought with unmatched precision and power.

The battle was intense, but with teamwork and determination, they overcame Lo Pan and his minions. Patrick's expertise and courage played a significant role in their victory, ensuring that peace was restored to Chinatown, at least for a time.

With Lo Pan defeated, Patrick's journey was far from over. The next ten years were filled with adventures, each new day bringing fresh challenges and supernatural threats. His safe haven apartment provided a much-needed retreat, a place where he could rest and recuperate between missions.

Patrick honed his skills further, his martial arts mastery growing with each encounter. He continued to brew the Magic Potion, ensuring he always had the edge in battle. His knowledge of China's history, folklore, and supernatural elements expanded, making him an even more formidable demon hunter.

Despite the constant danger, Patrick's life was fulfilling. He protected the innocent, battled evil spirits, and maintained the balance between the natural and supernatural worlds. His reputation as a wandering hero grew, and he became a legend in his own right.

At the end of the jump, came the merging of items from previous jumps, Patrick was ready for whatever challenges lay ahead. His knives, now combined, were even more potent. His safe haven apartment, enhanced by the benefits of his Basic Necessities, provided a secure base for future adventures.

Holding the picture of his True Love, now a future Companion, Patrick felt a renewed sense of purpose. The journey had been long and arduous, but he was ready for the next chapter. With a final glance at the bustling streets of Chinatown, Patrick stepped forward, ready to face whatever awaited him in the next jump.

Not a Princess (-100cp /900) - You are someone special, born of a heritage and lineage respected and admired. You are of the blood of chiefs and wayfinders. You have been raised from childhood to put the needs of others before your own, and are brave and true, unflagging in your devotion to your people. You may be any age from 4 to 64 and any gender you like.

Haka (Free) - You know how to express yourself in a simple but powerful way, a way that shows your defiance and presents an unmistakable challenge across all language barriers. The haka is a way to proclaim your strength and prowess before battle, to welcome distinguished guests with honor, or to commemorate the passing of a worthy individual. When you use the Haka to level a challenge at another, it cannot be ignored, and (if you're powerful enough) even the elements themselves must pay you heed.
Born to the Chiefs (Free Not A Princess) - You have a long and proud heritage, one stretching back beyond all historical records. Because of this, know how to hold yourself and how to put others before yourself, and you can call up visions of the spirits of your ancestors to see what they might have done in similar circ*mstances or to inspire others or yourself. Every common-born individual will treat you with respect. You carry this with you, no matter where you go.
We Know Where We Are (Discount Not A Princess, -100cp /800) - You are a Wayfinder, you know where you"re going because you know where you"ve been. As long as you know where you are and how you got there, you will be able to find your way back to wherever you came from. As long as you know where you are, and something about where you are going, you will be able to chart a course there eventually, though there may be trials and setbacks along the way. You could even cross the pacific ocean without any instrumentation or landmarks and instinctively understand how to navigate anywhere you might end up.
A Sky Full of Stars (Discount Not A Princess, -200cp /600) - There is wonder out there in the darkness, a universe as yet uncharted. No place will ever be truly dark for you, not outside, not inside, not inside your own heart. Even in the darkest places, it will be as if everything is lit by bright starlight, and even in the darkest of times, you will never lose hope (for more than a few minutes). As long as you can see the sky, or even a sliver of it, you will never grow bored and will always find some new aspect of the universe to find fascinating. You can name every star in the sky (there are about 10,000 visible with the naked eye), and since you can do that, you can instantly tell any two (or more) objects that look virtually identical apart as long as there is the slightest difference. Oh, and you have a perfect visual memory, remembering every aspect of anything you"ve ever seen to the smallest perceptible degree.
Chosen (Discount Not A Princess, -300cp /300) - One of the forces of nature has chosen you and will answer your call, as long as you are in a place it can reach. The ocean will protect you from drowning and part at your request. The storm will ravage and rage where you ask. The wind will blow as you ask. The sun will blaze or temper its brilliance at your whim. As you grow more confident, as long as you are respectful, the range and power of what you can command will likewise increase, though you"ll only ever have pull with your chosen force. Furthermore, thanks to your chosen status, your will is indomitable, as you have come to learn that there is little you cannot accomplish if you put your mind to it.
Conch Shells (Free Not A Princess) - You have an unlimited supply of conch shells, puka shells, and all other shells of common sea creatures. These are often used as currency or trade goods. The shells can either come empty or (if Te Fiti has been restored) with their original inhabitants, most of which are quite yummy.
Sundrops (-200cp /100) - The mystical healing flowers of Tangled grow here in the south pacific, and if you take this option, you get a small garden patch of them. They can cure any sickness or injury if dissolved into a tea, and if a special prayer is said, they can reverse aging.
Necklace of Ancestors (-100cp /0) - This ancient pendant necklace has a small compartment inside the pendant that can contain an item of power so that no force can detect it. It will never be searched by anyone as long as you wear it.
Heart of Te Fiti (-400cp /-400) - Once the jump ends, you will gain your own version of the Heart of Te Fiti. It is a powerful magical item and cannot be destroyed or copied. While worn, it gives health and vigor to anyone in proximity to it. It can sustain life long past the time it should have passed and makes plants grow stronger and lusher. While it is part of you, you will cure all corruption and bring forth lushness and verdant plant growth wherever you go. If you give it away (and you can do so once per jump) it will confer extreme longevity and a small fraction of all your powers to whoever you give it to. Only your chosen one and their descendants will be able to use it. Any life magic focused through the Heart will be greatly increased in power and reach. If you give it away, you get it back at the beginning of each new jump.

Hair in the Face(+100cp /-300) - You will constantly find that you're getting your hair in your face. All the damned time. Somehow, it will never dawn on you to cut your hair, and all efforts to restrain it will be only temporarily effective.
We Were Voyagers (+300cp /0) - You have lost something, but you have forgotten who you are. All your memories of past lives and jump-chain itself have faded into faintly remembered dreams. As the years pass, you will become convinced that you must cross the ocean and find… something… somewhere… that will restore what you have forgotten.

Companion (import from "Picture Of Your True Love" item):
Name - Mary Barris
Demigod (-200cp /400) - Just as Maui was made the demi-god of wind and wave by the Gods, you too were born a human, but abandoned by your parents and raised by the gods. You are stronger and tougher than any mere mortal, but as long as you are in this world, you must have the symbol of your power in your hands to use your more fantastic powers. As a Demigod, you are immortal and ageless and are probably several hundred years old.
Haka (Free)
You're Welcome (Free Demigod) - You are a Master of Arrogance. Insults and slights slide off you without impact and your self-worth is nearly impervious to the imprecations of others. Any praise at all serves to revitalize you as if it were rich food and drink.
Ordinary Demi-Guy (Discount Demigod, -300cp /100) - You have the strength of twenty grown men and the toughness to survive a thousand foot fall without damage. Non-lethal wounds heal within minutes and you have enough endurance to stay awake and active for weeks on end. You can survive indefinitely without food or water, and while you won"t be happy, you won"t be suffering or hampered by the lack. What's more, you can perform what otherwise would be impossible feats, such as dragging islands up from the bottom of the ocean, or lassoing the sun, or growing coconut trees by planting electric eels.
Magic Fishhook (Dagger) (Free Demigod) - You have a large magical weapon of primitive but exquisite design. It was crafted by the gods of this world and given to you. It is all but indestructible, save by a god, and even then it can be used to damage even the toughest creatures without being damaged in turn. Up to twice per jump it can be used to deflect any attack, no matter how powerful, but the first time damages it and the second time destroys it. It must be restored by a god, though it will be restored afresh at the beginning of each jump by Jump-chan. You may import any previous weapon into this. If you are a Demigod, you must be holding this item to use any of your more overt powers, at least until this jump ends. No one else can use your "Fishhook" as anything other than a weapon. If you shapeshift with this item in your hand, it will become a marking on your body until you shift back.
Living Tattoo (Discount Demigod, -100cp /0) - Your body is decorated in a living tapestry of tattoos that represent all your accomplishments and achievements. It even has a mini-you that lives among the other tattoos and with whom you can interact. This mini-you can count as a companion, but never takes a companion slot, because they can"t leave your skin. Your mini-you has tattoo versions of all your powers and you can make all your tattoos that aren"t alive vanish at will after this jump. You can import other tattoos into this.

Patrick and his wife, Mary, found themselves in a new world, the lush and vibrant universe of Disney's Moana. They were both 18 years old, their memories of past lives and adventures reduced to faint dreams. The sea breeze and the scent of tropical flowers filled the air.

Patrick's hair, constantly falling into his face, was an annoying distraction, but he brushed it aside with a determined flick. Beside him, Mary, a demigod with a magic fishhook (in actuality a dagger) and a living tattoo, stood tall and confident, her presence radiating strength and resilience. Though they had forgotten much, a deep-seated purpose drove them forward: the need to cross the ocean and find something they had lost.

In the first few days, Patrick and Mary explored their new surroundings. The islanders welcomed them warmly, and it wasn't long before they realized their unique abilities. Patrick discovered he could control the ocean, a gift that awed the locals and confirmed his status as someone chosen by the sea. Mary, with her demigod powers, was a force to be reckoned with. Her strength, endurance, and resilience were unmatched, and she quickly became a protector of the village.

Patrick's "Chosen" perk allowed him to part the waters, summon waves, and command the sea to aid them in their journey. His indomitable will, forged through countless trials in previous jumps, ensured that he could achieve anything he set his mind to. Mary, with her "Ordinary Demi-Guy" strength and the ability to perform miraculous feats, complemented Patrick's powers perfectly. Together, they were an unstoppable team.

One evening, while stargazing, Patrick felt a tug at his heart, a sense that he needed to find something far beyond the horizon. The stars seemed to speak to him, guiding his way. His "A Sky Full of Stars" perk allowed him to see the constellations with perfect clarity, and he could navigate by them instinctively. Mary, always supportive, agreed to accompany him on this journey.

As they prepared to set sail, the villagers gathered to bid them farewell. Patrick used his "Haka" perk to perform a powerful and defiant haka, rallying the spirits of the ancestors and calling on the elements to witness their departure. The ocean responded to his call, parting the waves and creating a clear path for their boat.

Their journey across the ocean was fraught with challenges, but Patrick's wayfinding skills, boosted by the "We Know Where We Are" perk, ensured they never lost their way. They navigated treacherous waters and braved fierce storms, their bond growing stronger with each trial.

One day, they encountered Moana and Maui, who were also on a quest to restore the Heart of Te Fiti. Recognizing the parallels in their missions, the two pairs decided to join forces. Patrick and Mary shared their abilities, while Moana and Maui offered their knowledge and experience.

Maui, intrigued by Mary's demigod status, offered to help her hone her abilities. Together, they practiced feats of strength and endurance, each challenging the other to push their limits. Patrick, meanwhile, bonded with Moana over their shared love for the ocean and their determination to save it.

As they neared Te Fiti, the group faced their greatest challenge yet: the fiery demon Te Kā. The intense heat and searing flames were almost overwhelming, but Patrick and Mary stood firm. Patrick summoned the ocean to create a barrier of water, protecting them from the worst of the flames, while Mary, armed with her dagger, charged forward with Maui.

The battle was fierce, but Patrick's control over the ocean turned the tide. He summoned waves to douse the flames and used water to cool the ground beneath them. Mary's immense strength and resilience allowed her to withstand Te Kā's attacks, and together with Maui, they managed to drive the demon back.

With Moana's guidance, they reached Te Fiti and restored the Heart, transforming Te Kā back into the goddess Te Fiti. The land flourished, and the ocean calmed, their mission a resounding success.

With the world saved, Patrick and Mary felt a sense of fulfillment. However, the lingering sense of loss persisted. It was then that Patrick remembered their ultimate goal: to find what they had forgotten. Guided by the stars and the wisdom of their ancestors, they continued their journey across the ocean.

Their travels took them to distant islands and uncharted waters. Along the way, they encountered new friends and faced new challenges, always driven by the desire to restore their lost memories. Patrick's "Born to the Chiefs" perk earned them respect wherever they went, and Mary's demigod powers ensured they could handle any threat.

Time Period - Late Middle Ages

Viking (-50/950) - An expert in amphibious warfare of the middle ages. Know how to keep armor and weapons clean in a maritime environment. Know when to cut your losses when raiding and how to leverage your reputation to extract payment to not raid your enemies.
Naval Officer (-100cp /850) - You have the training and experience necessary to command a ship. The army wasn't the only beneficiary of technological changes. Galleys, longboats, and round ships dominated this period, incorporating advances in cannon, shipbuilding, and textiles to improve deadliness, durability, handling, and speed. An officer on a ship, whether he be a Viking leader or a Venetian captain, would be required to be familiar with all aspects of his vessel and capable of commanding the men under him in boarding actions or coastal raids.
Sailor (-50cp /800) - You've got your sea legs now. You might be an oarsman in a galley at worst, but whatever role you play, you have a skill set dedicated to operating a boat or ship. You'll be a valuable addition to any crew.
Smithing (-50cp /750) - You're a capable smith of your own, probably fresh from your apprenticeship. You have the knowledge necessary for creating tools, nails, horseshoes, and basic weapons. Smiths were a valuable part of any village or city, as it was they who made the tools for both peace and war. You'll never lack for work.
Cannon-Maker (-50cp /700) - This is a very specialized set of knowledge at this point, marking you as someone special to the armory. This gives you the skill set to make and repair medieval cannons and matchlocks. Cannons are expensive things due to the materials necessary for them, so knowing how to make and repair them is quite a prize.
Carpenter (-50cp /650) - You're skilled at creating objects with wood. This could be anything from basic building materials to the specialized art of bow making. Those specializing as a bowyer may also be a fletcher, which is the skill set necessary for making arrows. A skilled carpenter will be in high demand.
Shipwright (-100cp /550) - This is sort of an extension to carpentry, but shipwrights are a specialty all on their own. Skilled shipwrights such as you will be in charge of constructing boats and ships from the bottom up and repairing them as well. For this, you'll need extensive knowledge of shipbuilding, whether it's a longboat or a large galley.
Business Acumen (-100cp /450) - You're well-suited and experienced at the trade of trading and running a business of some sort to the point making a profit is easy, even if it's a minor one. The High and Late Middle Ages saw the presence of the Hanseatic League and I've seen some suggestions that capitalism as we're familiar with gained its roots from their practices. It's not something I've looked into, however. Let me know what you find out?
Alchemist (-100cp /350) - You've become skilled at the art of what is essentially an early form of chemistry. The quest to turn lead into gold was a common obsession for alchemists of the time period, but it's never been done and certainly wouldn't be possible with the tools of the trade available here. What this means for you is that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to identify many substances quickly, conduct experiments using those same substances, and probably have a variety of recipes for different compounds, including gunpowder. It's an interesting combination of chemistry, metallurgy, and mysticism. Perhaps you can even find out how Greek fire is made.
Apothecary (-100cp /250) - This grants you the knowledge and skill set to do the other half of chemistry – working with plants, minerals, and animal parts to create medicines or aromatic substances designed to heal a patient. Many of the natural remedies that ancient and medieval apothecaries created are still used today, either largely unchanged or further refined with modern chemistry. Historically, this is also a field that allowed many women to practice medicine in the Middle Ages and later. Similar to alchemists, you're able to identify useful herbs, minerals, and animal parts related to your job and experiment with them to find new remedies and have a variety of recipes.
Diplomacy (-50cp /200) - While schmoozing will grant you connections, friends, and maybe lovers, conducting official diplomatic talks between nobles or royals of different realms takes a special skill set and, well, a lot of patience. You've become quite good at smoothing out the wrinkles in the process and attaining the agreement you find most agreeable.
Multilingual (-100 /100) - Something that both the religious folks and nobility share is the need to be familiar with at least two languages for various reasons, both traditional and practical. You automatically are fluent in Latin or Greek as well as your local language and will pick up perfect fluency in new languages within weeks.
Theology (-50cp /50) - It would be a bit difficult to be a good priest or monk if you weren't intimately familiar with your religion eh? While Christianity is the dominant force in Europe, there are still plenty of nonChristians about so you have some choice here. Someone has to tell the stories of Odin and Loki, for instance, if you'd rather not debate the finer points of Jesus Christ's divinity with monks and priests.
Natural Philosophy (-50cp /0) - You ever wonder what scientists were like before science was a formal field in the 19th century? They were called natural philosophers instead and pondered the questions of how the world around them worked. We still use a lot of what they came up with today, so here you go. Have the knowledge and mindset of the average natural philosopher of the period. Even if you know more advanced science or more modern philosophy, this will still help you in at least phrasing it in a way that the others here understand.

Items: (+300cp Stipend):
Degree (-50cp /250s) - A formal recognition of learning in arts, theology, medicine and law. Also counts as a license to teach the higher subjects.
Metal Armor (-150cp /100) - This can cover anything that uses metal in more than 50% of its construction all the way up to full plate armor. Shield (-50cp /50) - An indestructible wooden round shield (about 80cm diameter).
Cloth Armor (-50cp /0) - This is the cheapest and most common type of armor and you'd be surprised at how protective well-made and thick enough armor made of cloth and leather can be. Indestructible.

Companion (Mary Barris):
Swordsmanship (-50cp /550) - You are trained in the usage of swords for melee combat. Typically, this will be in the style of a specific school or fighting style. The most famous of the era is that of Johannes Liechtenauer, who was active in the Late Middle Ages, and whose teachings set the general tone for the German school of swordsmanship.
Martial Arts (Johannes Liechtenauer School) (-50cp /500) - Swords dominate the imagination of both medieval and modern-day writers, but there were plenty of other weapons that fighters could receive instruction in. This will give you training for a style outside of one centered around the usage of a sword. Examples include grappling, daggers, staves, and polearms. Each purchase is for one specific weapon style. You may mix this with the Swordsmanship perk to represent training in a school.
Archery (-50cp /450) - You are trained in the usage of bows for war. Examples would be a Hunnic composite bow or a Viking or English longbow. Archers were a vital part of any Medieval army and both the Vikings and English highly prized archers to the point of the latter requiring yeomen to practice their skills. This even led to structural changes in the bodies of these yeomen as English longbows required a lot of strength to draw!
Crossbowmen (-50cp /400) - While this is archery like the above, crossbows picked up popularity due to their relative ease of use. The mechanisms of a crossbow meant that each bolt could potentially hit as hard or harder than the equivalent bow, making them an excellent and cheap means to have a unit of archers capable of puncturing through even through the increasing use of plate armor in the High and Late Middle Ages. Crossbows, however, have been in use since the 10th and 11th centuries.
Hunter (-50cp /350) - Naturally, you'll need to know how to trap and hunt game if you're wanting rabbit meat or venison. You will also learn how to prepare what you kill for use through skinning and butchering. Many hunters were able trackers and knew how to navigate the woods safely. Keep in mind that in this period of history, many nobles and kings regulated who can hunt and where. Poaching is a crime. You may want to pick up archery to help with this.
Armor (-50cp /300) - You know how to fight in armor, particularly plate armor. The other half of the arms race is the armor that the weapons are trying to punch through. By the Early Middle Ages, scale armor was being replaced by mail and lamellar armor, progressing to increasingly heavy and more enclosed armor as the centuries progressed. Closed-face helmets showed up in the High Middle Ages in response to increasing numbers of crossbows, for instance, which is also partly why plate armor became more of a thing by then. Make no mistake about it, though. The heavier your armor, the harder it is to move fluidly and fight for longer periods of time.
Artillery-Master (-100cp /200) - You know how to arm, use, and maintain cannons. Gunpowder cannons became fairly commonplace by the mid-14th century, introduced to Europe through their conflicts with invaders or traders from Asia and North Africa. They saw their first real usage in the Hundred Years' War. Even then, however, they remained the domain of a few richer states for a while and through the Late Middle Ages, cannons were seen as highly prized and expensive property. The cannon of the Middle Ages is relatively primitive compared to what we see in later centuries, but still quite effective. Remember, always keep a bucket of water close by. Just in case.
Poisons (-100cp /100) - You're familiar with the manufacture, handling, and usage of poisons available in this era. These are deadly skills and one that may see you in the private employ of a noble as you help them with their rivals. This is also useful knowledge to have for making antidotes to those same poisons.
General (-100cp /0) - The art of war is not merely limited to the battlefield. Entire wars must be organized and the movements of disparate units coordinated for maximum effectiveness. You may not be on the level of Sun Tzu, but he would approve of your ability to lead armies to victory, I'm sure. This is the high level strategic level of planning and coordination.

Items (+300cp Stipend):
Dagger (-50cp /250s) - A single sided knife with an eight inch tanto point blade. Indestructible.
One-Handed Sword (Kriegmesser) (-100cp /150) - Swords are generally more expensive than most polearms. This covers any swords a regular, conditioned and trained human can wield with one hand. Indestructible.
Leather and Metal Armor (-100cp /50) - This covers any type of armor where leather is the dominant material and metal is augmenting it rather than the reverse. Indestructible.
Shield (-50cp /0) - An indestructible wooden round shield (about 80cm diameter).

Patrick and Mary found themselves transported to the bustling world of the late Middle Ages, around the year 1500. The couple, now wealthy merchants from a distinguished trading family of shipwrights, decided to make the most of their time in this new era. They established themselves in a thriving port city, where their skills and resources would be put to good use.

Their residence was a grand home overlooking the busy docks, filled with the sounds of ships coming and going. The Barris family name was already well-respected, and Patrick and Mary were known for their expertise in shipbuilding and trade. They blended seamlessly into their new surroundings, leveraging their extensive knowledge from previous jumps to navigate the complexities of medieval society.

Despite their wealth and status, Patrick and Mary were determined to use this jump as an opportunity to train and teach each other new skills and spend time together as a couple. Patrick, with his background in various disciplines, focused on teaching Mary the intricacies of shipbuilding, smithing, and business acumen. Mary, on the other hand, shared her knowledge of the local martial arts, archery, and the secrets of warfighting she possessed.

Their days were filled with learning and practice. Patrick's shipyard became a hub of activity as he and Mary worked together on various projects, from building new ships to repairing old ones. They also trained in combat, with Mary demonstrating the techniques of the Johannes Liechtenauer School and the use of the English longbow. Patrick's "Celestial Flying Dragon Style" complemented Mary's training, and they sparred frequently, honing their skills to perfection.

While their abilities were extraordinary, Patrick and Mary knew the importance of discretion. They used their powers and perks with caution, ensuring that they did not attract unwanted attention or accusations of witchcraft. In public, they were skilled merchants and shipwrights, but in private, they explored the full extent of their abilities.

Patrick's armor, a blend of Hero's Duty Armor and medieval metal armor, provided both protection and a high-tech edge. It appeared ancient and weathered, yet its capabilities were far beyond anything of the time. If this was long ago in a galaxy far far away, it would look like a set of family Mandalorian Armor. Mary's demigod strength made her a formidable opponent, but she always kept her powers hidden unless absolutely necessary.

The Barris family business thrived under Patrick and Mary's leadership. They traded goods from distant lands, leveraging Patrick's "Business Acumen" to maximize profits and his "Diplomacy" to expand their influence. Their ships were renowned for their quality, thanks to Patrick's "Shipwright" and "Carpenter" skills, and their knowledge of "Alchemy" and "Apothecary" arts allowed them to create valuable products for trade.

Mary's expertise in "Diplomacy" ensured that their dealings with other merchants and nobles were smooth and profitable. She spoke multiple languages fluently, thanks to her "Multilingual" perk, and her understanding of different cultures and religions helped them navigate the complexities of international trade.

While their primary focus was on their business, Patrick and Mary couldn't resist the lure of adventure. They often set out on expeditions, exploring uncharted territories and seeking out new opportunities. Patrick's "We Know Where We Are" and "A Sky Full of Stars" perks made navigation a breeze, and they always found their way back home.

Despite the adventures and the demands of their business, Patrick and Mary treated this jump as a bit of a vacation. They took time to enjoy each other's company, exploring the beautiful landscapes and immersing themselves in the culture of the late Middle Ages. They attended festivals, feasts, and tournaments, always finding joy in the simple pleasures of life.

Their evenings were often spent in quiet reflection, sharing stories of their past adventures and dreaming of the future. The bond between them grew stronger with each passing day, and they cherished the moments they had together in this new world.

As the end of their jump approached, Patrick and Mary decided to embark on one final journey. Patrick built a two-person sloop and they set sail into the sunset. Their hearts were filled with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation for the adventures that awaited them in the future. As the sun dipped below the horizon, Patrick and Mary looked forward to the next chapter in their journey.

Starting Location - New York
Background - Designer (-50cp /950) - You are a well known highend designer of clothes and the like, with your product in boutiques or filling store shelves. You're still trying to hit the big time, but it's going to happen if you work hard and don't take crap from anyone!
+ You have a lot of connections in the entertainment industry, and are invited to a lot of parties.
+ You gain the native language of whatever city you start in, or a second language if it's already your native.
+ You make your living by being creative!
- There are a LOT of demands on your time, leaving you very little for yourself.
- Lots of people want a piece of you in some way or another, to elevate their own career and so on.

Jet Set Schedule (Free) - The life in the industry is a furious, fastpaced one, and it waits for nobody. This perk ensures you won't suffer any issues no matter how hectic your schedule gets. You'll never get jet lag, and you can sleep whenever or wherever but you still need as much sleep as your body requires. If you're still tired, you'll never show it, always being bright-eyed and fresh for your friends or the cameras.
Touch of Glam (-100cp /850) - Gaining a radiant beauty, you can pull off nearly impossible looks and outfits. You are immune to hazards and pains based on your appearancegoddess mane hair never catches on anything, and your clothes never hinder you or offer discomfort, no matter how outlandish. This perk extends to your Companions.
Strut Your Stuff (-400cp /450) - Through training or talent, you have a natural way about you that ensures no matter what, you can put your best face forward. Your posture is perfect at all times, and you have an innate sense for bodily aestheticsand how to use them yourself. You also can instruct people in how to do the same with a few minutes of coaching.
Tailor Made (Free Designer) - You are a brilliant designer, and can ensure objects you create are always looking fantastic, aesthetically pleasing and the like. Making something look good no longer takes any time or effortyou can focus entirely on function, and whatever you make will look outstanding.
Piano Key Necktie (Discount Designer, -100cp /350) - Once per year, you can create or declare something and ensure that it becomes a fad in the next shopping or media season. This can be a product for sale or a behavior, but it is limited to word of mouth, or the extent of your media presence. Repeated variations on a theme will result in disinterest, and a reduced return.
Makeover Montage (Discount Designer, -200cp /150) - You have such a mastery of aesthetic and the best wardrobes, that you can quite literally change the world with good taste and design. With this perk, you may metaphorically dress up or dress down a subject in place of more logical procedures, but you still affect real, plausible change. You must know the base techniques before you can apply them via aesthetic improvements. (Example - Instead of putting someone on a diet, you can arrange for a makeover, and in the process, whoever you're helping out will have lost weight as if they actually had dieted. This encompases feats such as gene therapy via spa visits, lifesaving surgery by way of topical cream, or college courses delivered during a runway show.)

Goes-With-Anything-Bag (-100cp /50) - You have a bag that can seamlessly reshape itself into any other kind of bag, be it a purse, messenger bag, backpack or garment bag. It has an internal capacity of 1 cubic meter, regardless of outwardly apparent shape or size. No matter what, it compliments your outfit and is as useful as whatever it's current form is in the current situation.
Jewelry Box (Free Designer) - There is a box on your wardrobe that is full to bursting with some of the most amazing accessories, watches, gems, and jewelry you could ever want or need.
Invisible Needle and Thread (Discount Designer, -50cp /0) - You're not sure how, but you have access to a spool of thread and a needle that no one but you can see. You can't use it to make invisible clothes, but it is useful for creating amazing and interesting garments or solving problems without being obvious. Once you use the thread on something, it vanishes, leaving no trace save for the fact that you stitched something. The spool of thread regenerates after each use.

Companion (Mary Barris):
Background - Model (-50cp /550) - You are one of the famousa celebrity of some kind or another. You don't have worldwide recognition yet, but you definitely can make it if you work. You know several other models in similar situations, and all of you are vying for good contracts.
+ You're famous!
+ You gain the native language of whatever city you start in, or a second language if it's already your native.
+ You are recognizable, and often stopped on the street for autographs or just to be oogled.
- You are recognizable, and often stopped on the street for autographs or just to be oogled.
- You probably sacrificed some other marketable skill to become a model, or being a model is just a side job.

Jet Set Schedule (Free)
Touch of Glam (Free)
Hidden Depths (Free Model) - You have a specialty or interest that is surprisingly in relation to your profession, but at the same time endearing. You're a scientist who likes to surf. This perk ensures your other interests only enhance or flatter your profession or social position.
Bikini Bod (Discount Model, -100cp /450) - There is a reason you're on the top 10 hottest models list year after year. You have a fit, impressive physique that looks positively poured into anything and everything you wear. No matter what your outfit, it looks tailored for you, is always flattering and never slips or malfunctions unless you'd look better for it.
Strut Your Stuff (Discount Model, -200cp /250)
Tailor Made (-100cp /150)

Goes-With-Anything-Bag (-100cp /50)
Designer Model (Free Model) - You have an ironclad and entirely fair contract with a particular designer or fashion house, which means you'll always have at least some work during the year. They pay you in dollars, and closets full of their product over the ten years.
Dry-Cleaning Hangers (Discount Model, -50cp /0) - You have a set of ten hangers to hang clothes on. They fit any kind of garment safely and will never damage them. If you put hung clothes into a closet and close the door, when you open it, the clothes will be drycleaned and wrinkle free.

Patrick and Mary found themselves in the bustling metropolis of New York City. In this world, they were a power couple in the fashion industry. Patrick, a high-end clothing designer, and Mary, a celebrated model, were ready to make their mark on the modern world. Patrick's goal was to create a successful outdoor clothing line inspired by the practical styles of the Middle Ages, updated with modern materials and functionality. Mary, meanwhile, would be the face of this new brand, showcasing its designs and proving her worth as a top model.

The transition was seamless, thanks to their vast array of skills and perks from previous jumps. They quickly adapted to their new roles, and their synergy was evident in both their personal and professional lives.

Patrick's expertise in design was unparalleled. His "Tailor Made" perk ensured that every piece of clothing he created was not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. He drew inspiration from medieval clothing styles, incorporating elements that had stood the test of time and updating them with modern, high-performance materials. His designs were rugged yet stylish, perfect for the adventurous spirit.

Using the "Piano Key Necktie" perk, Patrick declared his new line of outdoor clothing the next big thing. Almost immediately, the fashion world took notice. His creations began to appear in boutiques and high-end stores, and the brand gained a reputation for combining durability with elegance.

Mary, with her "Bikini Bod" and "Strut Your Stuff" perks, became the perfect ambassador for the brand. She showcased the clothing in various photo shoots and fashion shows, her natural grace and beauty making each piece look stunning. Her "Hidden Depths" perk revealed her surprising interest in outdoor activities, which only enhanced her appeal as the face of an outdoor clothing brand.

The fashion industry was demanding, but Patrick and Mary were well-prepared. Their "Jet Set Schedule" perks ensured they could handle the hectic pace without breaking a sweat. They traveled frequently, attending fashion weeks, parties, and various events to promote the brand. Despite the constant travel and long hours, they remained fresh and energetic, always ready to seize the next opportunity.

Patrick's "Makeover Montage" perk allowed him to perform near-miraculous transformations, both in terms of people and clothing. He could take an old, worn-out jacket and, with a few tweaks, turn it into a stylish, modern piece. Similarly, he could help people achieve their best look in record time, using his aesthetic sense to bring out their natural beauty.

Mary's popularity continued to rise. She was often stopped on the streets for autographs and photos, but she handled it all with grace and poise. Her "Touch of Glam" ensured she always looked perfect, no matter the situation. She became a fashion icon, known for her stunning looks and impeccable sense of style.

Despite their success, Patrick and Mary never forgot the core values of their brand. They focused on creating sustainable, high-quality clothing that was both practical and stylish. Their commitment to these principles resonated with consumers, and the brand quickly gained a loyal following.

Throughout their journey, Patrick and Mary supported each other, both personally and professionally. Patrick's ability to design and create was enhanced by Mary's feedback and insights. She helped him understand what worked and what didn't, ensuring that every piece they released was a hit.

Mary, on the other hand, gained confidence and security from being the face of the brand. She relished the opportunity to be in the spotlight, and her success as a model helped her overcome any lingering insecurities. Patrick's unwavering support and encouragement were crucial in this regard, and their bond grew stronger with each passing day.

As the years went by, Patrick and Mary's brand continued to thrive. They expanded their product line, ventured into new markets, and even launched a series of environmentally-friendly initiatives. Their dedication to quality and sustainability set them apart from the competition, and their brand became synonymous with excellence.

Eventually, Patrick and Mary decided to take a step back from the day-to-day operations of the business. They had built a strong foundation and assembled a talented team to carry their vision forward. It was time for them to enjoy the fruits of their labor and embark on new adventures. After all, all work and no play is no way to live life.

Background - Sage - A learned man (or woman) who is not evil. You are a studied practitioner of the arts not of magic but of science, knowing much on alchemy, biology, and the studies of the human mind. Why you might even be capable of using telepathia to communicate with others. Yours is a mind that seeks knowledge… and might be sought out for for the knowledge you have obtained.
Race - Human (Free) - You're a human.

Sagacious Knowledge (Free Sage) - You have a basic knowledge of the scientific fields, physics, anthropology, chemistry, zoology, and the like. This is based upon the time, so will be a little outdated in the modern age, but you can still recognize even prehistoric animals - and ones which would be considered mythical in the real world - as well as ancient civilizations. In future jumps this will update to give you a basic understanding of the fields of science in the setting; similar to an undergraduate education which went for breadth instead of depth.
Telepathia (Discount Sage, -100cp /900) - A Greek word for communication of the mind. You possess the ability to draw information from the mind of others. It is not a fast trick, taking concentration and time, but it grows easier the more familiar you are with the one whose mind you are trying to read. Range also increases with familiarity, allowing you to read the thoughts of your closest friends and allies from miles away or even further, learning what they learn in real time. With those less familiar and close to you it will take more time and effort, but you might be able to study a map in your enemy's memory if they were talking at you for a prolonged time.
Engineer (Discount Sage, -200cp /700) - You possess an in-depth knowledge of structural and mechanical engineering. You could design a giant crossbow, pulley systems to contain a guard dragon, secret doors, sleds, ships, arrays of lenses to focus candlelight to heat a solution to boiling point, clockwork automatons, and more. You will find it easy to learn other forms of structural and mechanical engineering, and were you to possess magical powers you might be able to give your automatons life.
Reveal Your Secrets (Discount Sage, -300cp /400) - What kind of sage would you be if you did not have opportunities to increase your learning and knowledge? Now you will find that the opportunity to discover something new and learn something more will always be available to you. In the first part this works to improve your memory, while you might still need to consult maps, you will never completely forget any knowledge or lore you obtain. In the second your mind will always be capable of learning more, never reaching a point where information is simply too advanced for you to eventually learn it; though this does not guarantee you will be able to do it quickly, or that you won't need to build up to the information, but given time and the chance to build by steps you could eventually understand Clarke tech. Finally you will prove lucky in finding opportunities to learn more, perhaps when you crash on an island it has the ruins of an ancient civilization more advanced than modern ones, or a sailor will come seeking aid which requires them to help you off the island and onto one with the ruins of an even more advanced civilization.
Captain (-600cp /-200) - You have all the makings of one. First off, you are a master sailor, able to perform all duties on a ship at a level that would make you one of the best - if not the very best - in the world; this includes the Sailing Skills perk, though all skills are at a superior level to that one. Secondly you have the charisma necessary to lead men, know what to say to people, and are able to get a decent read on people. Third you have a good gut for making decisions, or maybe that's a good head; either way you think quickly on your feet, taking in a situation, and quickly arriving at a solution. You may not always get the best solution, but you're definitely better at figuring out the best way to react to a situation than the vast majority of people. This almost borders on premonition; able to easily - and subconsciously - pick up clues from the situation and act on them.
Eternal Youth (100cp /-300) - You no longer naturally age past your prime, and - if not killed by illness, accident, or malice - may live forever. Why is this so cheap? Cause your age likely resets once a decade anyway.

Ship (-100cp /-400) - What's a sailor without a ship? This is your very own sailing ship. Not a warship, or the largest class of merchant vessel, this ship is designed more for an adventurer, small enough to be maneuverable, and fast if not the fastest on the seas. Comes with an NPC crew, though only enough to make up a skeleton crew; it even provides the NPC crew with provisions so you don't have to worry about that. If damaged or destroyed the ship will repair itself within a lunar month, and whenever you are at a port and need a ship the ship will be there waiting for you.
Sage's Library (Free Sage) - This is a collection of works on academic topics, ranging from the physical sciences to philosophy and history, any topic that the learned would be expected to read. It does not necessarily contain anything too valuable or hard to come by, but may point the way to something more. This updates in each jump to include basic texts on its academic topics.
Bronze Ship (Merged with Ship) (-100cp /-500 This is a small ship, built to carry 2 people in relative comfort, though could carry more if you were willing to double up in the beds and cabins, and is manned by an automaton which obeys your commands and which turns the crank that runs the six, bronze oars. Made of bronze it is a durable ship, able to move unceasingly, and as it uses oars and not sails it has no need for the wind while being able to keep up with a Ship at full sail with just its untiring mechanical 'crew'. If damaged or destroyed the ship will repair itself within a lunar month, and whenever you are at a port and need a ship the ship will be there waiting for you. If you also bought the Ship you may merge these items into one to create a single ship the size of the Ship but made out of bronze with both a sail, and automaton rowing. As it possesses more oars it will be a faster ship than either alone.
An Offer of Freedom (+100cp /-400) - You are a condemned prisoner, and begin this jump imprisoned being offered a chance at a full pardon. It will require a death defying adventure that almost no free man would risk their life on. If you attempt to escape without performing this task you will find even greater dangers awaiting you (though should you survive them this drawback is over… save that you still possess a criminal record).
De-faced (+100cp /300) - Your face has been horribly scarred, and burned, leaving you with an inhuman visage. While there will be people who politely do their best to ignore it, you will not be pleasant to look at during this jump, your face visceral disgusting to look at.
Monsters Everywhere (+100cp /200) - Somehow you seem to always run into monstrous creatures. Whether beings of myth and legend, or prehistoric beasts, you will never go too long without having to deal with some monster attempting to kill, eat, or otherwise end your life.
Baboonzeled (+200cp /0) - You have been turned into a baboon. You are unable to change your shape, or take on another form than that of a baboon during your time here.

Companion (Mary Barris):
Background - Adventurer - Breathe deep and smell the salt air. You are an adventurer, maybe a match for Sinbad himself, but certainly one who has seen many voyages in this world, and will still see many more. You'll need your wits, Jumper, but if you have them about you you could go far.
Race - Human
Eyes of the Owl (Free Adventurer) - You possess excellent senses. Nothing truly superhuman, but your vision, hearing, olfaction, and senses are all near the peak for a human, and in the case of your night vision it almost seems to go a bit beyond that peak. Beyond merely being sharp-eyed, you have excellent situational awareness, helping you if you need to avoid an ambush, time striking a cyclops's eye, or duel an invisible sorcerer.
Captain (Discount Adventurer, -300cp /300)
Telepathia (-200cp /100)
I'm the Most Foolhardy (-50cp /50) - You are a brave person, even if you weren't before. You are brave enough that should you feel the need to stand and face death you could do so, putting your life at risk to protect that which is important to you.
Sailing Skills (-50cp /0) - While not everyone here knows how to sail - so this isn't free - it's a pretty common ability on these voyages. And now you possess it as well. Name any position, other than captain, on a sailing ship and you can probably serve the role well enough. You won't be the best navigator, or the best look out, or the best rower, or the best at any given role, but you'll be passable. In future jumps this provides civilian professional skills in running the most common types of transportation vehicles; in the 19th century you could run a train, in the modern day you could pass for a taxi or limo driver, and in a futuristic setting you could pilot a civilian spaceship.

Patrick found himself transformed into a baboon, an unexpected consequence of a powerful curse. This transformation was part of the drawback "Baboonzeled" he had to endure for the duration of the jump. However, he retained his intelligence and all his mental faculties. His wife, Mary, took the lead as they entered the world of the Sinbad film trilogy. Mary, an experienced adventurer, was determined to break the curse on a local heir to a crown. This task would require them to travel to lost and magical islands, face monsters, and outwit an evil sorcerer.

Their ship, now a powerful bronze vessel, was ready for the adventures ahead. Manned by a mechanical crew and outfitted with both sails and oars, it was a marvel of engineering, thanks to Patrick's skills and jump shenanigans.

Mary stood at the helm of their bronze ship, her eyes scanning the horizon. With Patrick as her advisor and sage, albeit in the form of a baboon, they set sail to their first destination. Their goal was to find a magical island rumored to hold the key to breaking the curse on the young prince of a nearby kingdom.

Patrick used his "Telepathia" perk to communicate with Mary, discussing strategies and sharing knowledge. He also used his writing abilities to leave instructions for the crew and to help Mary with her studies. His "Sagacious Knowledge" and "Engineer" perks were invaluable as they navigated the challenges ahead.

The first island they reached was inhabited by mythical creatures and ancient ruins. Using her enhanced senses from the "Eyes of the Owl" perk, Mary led the way through the dense jungle. They faced a series of challenges, including a cyclops guarding the entrance to the ruins. Mary's bravery, boosted by the "I'm the Most Foolhardy" perk, allowed her to face the monster head-on.

Patrick's mind helped decipher the ancient texts and traps within the ruins. They found the first artifact needed to break the curse, a glowing gemstone that radiated powerful magic.

As they continued their journey, they encountered the evil sorcerer who had laid the curse. He was determined to stop them at any cost. With his own magical abilities, he summoned monsters and created illusions to thwart their progress.

Mary's combat skills and Patrick's strategic mind were put to the test. The ship's superior speed and maneuverability allowed them to evade many of the sorcerer's traps. Patrick's ability to communicate telepathically helped them anticipate and counter the sorcerer's moves and eventually kill him.

Their next stop was a lost island shrouded in mist. Here, they needed to retrieve a rare flower that could amplify the gemstone's power. The island was home to dangerous beasts, and navigating its treacherous terrain was a challenge. Mary's Captain-like "Sailing Skills" ensured they reached the island safely, while Patrick's "Reveal Your Secrets" perk helped them uncover hidden paths and clues.

With the flower and the gemstone in hand, they returned to the kingdom to perform the ritual needed to break the curse. The prince was restored, and the kingdom was saved. The people hailed Mary as a hero, and even in his baboon form, Patrick received recognition for his wisdom and contributions and forgiveness of the crime of stealing a date.

Synthetic - Constructed two years ago, you were assigned to the USCSS Hereward as Chief Engineer. Your purpose is to ensure the function of the ship, and to bring it back into dock in case of catastrophic damage (though that is unlikely to happen). Of course, humans are a little uncomfortable around synthetics due to the oft-occurring hidden programming, so it's best not to let the crew know.

Repair (Free Synthetic) - Maintenance and simple fixes to various tools and conduits.
Fabrication (Discount Synthetic, -200cp /800) - Creation of new items from raw materials is difficult without the proper tools. Fortunately, you're very good at finding substitutes for those tools and materials, and even coming up with new designs if necessary.

Auto-Chart (-50cp /750) - A wrist mounted mapping device, automatically mapping ship locations as they change. Useful for keeping track of supply dumps or knowledge of wall locations.
Welding Torch (Free Synthetic) - A small torch used for fixing cracks in pipes and the fuselage of the ship. Comes with a large amount of fuel and some rebar stock for welding seams.
Computer Passkeys (-50cp /700) - Access to all the functions of the ship. Internal sensors, airlock controls, personnel files, and remote door access.
Spare Parts (-200cp /500) - Raw materials meant for repairing small things throughout the ship. Things like wiring, power cells, lightbulbs, scrap metal, oil, small mechanical parts, and even flammable gas tanks. Now you won't have to tear the ship apart for material.
Scanner (-300cp /200) - A detector based off a mixture of movement and air currents, capable of generalizing the direction of a xeno when still and pinpointing it when moving.
Stocked Kitchen (-200cp /0) - With this many people around there's going to be a lot of eating. Food is found in many places on the ship, and enough exists for everyone to eat for six years instead of the typical three you'd normally have. All you need to do is collect it.

Companion (Mary Barris):
Doctor - As is typical of the company, all missions are required to have a science officer in charge of determining the locations of possible resources to be mined or planets for colonization. You act as the terraforming specialist, geologist, and a full cut you open and sew you shut doctor.
Medic (Free Doctor) - Tourniquets, bandages, and splints. You've got enough knowledge to prevent someone from bleeding out and even get them moving again in a time of crisis, though they'll be significantly slower.
M.D. (Discount Doctor, -200cp /400) - Years of training and field experience have left you the knowledge to fix people. More complex medical procedures can be done with less equipment if necessary, and you have a much higher survival rate for patients.
Repair (-200cp /200) - Maintenance and simple fixes to various tools and c
Medikit (Free Doctor) - Basic medicine, antibiotics, and bandages.
Surgical Tools (Discount Doctor, -150cp /50) - The tools and materials to fix the most severe of injuries, and even remove a xenomorph from the chest if you catch it almost immediately.
Auto-Chart (-50cp /0)

Patrick and Mary found themselves in a new, harsh environment aboard the USCSS Hereward. Patrick, a synthetic, had been assigned as the Chief Engineer, and Mary, the ship's doctor, was responsible for the health and well-being of the crew. The Hereward was a semi-generational courier ship tasked with transporting sensitive materials across vast distances, and the journey ahead promised to be challenging.

As the ship approached its destination, a routine exploration mission went horribly wrong. Two members of the away team returned infected with xenomorphs, the deadly alien species known for their relentless and brutal nature. Patrick and Mary, equipped with their extensive skills, perks, outside knowledge, and indestructible armor, immediately recognized the gravity of the situation.

Patrick's synthetic nature, unknown to the rest of the crew, gave him an edge in handling the crisis. With Mary's help, they quickly isolated the infected crew members and began devising a plan to contain and eliminate the xenomorph threat. Patrick's "Repair" and "Fabrication" perks allowed him to fortify critical sections of the ship, using spare parts and his welding torch to create barriers and traps.

Mary's medical expertise, bolstered by her "M.D." and "Medic" perks, ensured that the infected crew members received the best possible care. She prepared the surgical tools and medikit, ready to perform emergency procedures if necessary. Together, they used their "Telepathia" perk to communicate silently and coordinate their efforts.

The xenomorphs emerged, as expected, and began their rampage through the ship. Patrick and Mary's indestructible armor protected them from the creatures' acidic blood and deadly claws. Using the scanner to track the xenomorphs' movements, Patrick and Mary led the crew in a coordinated effort to hunt down and eliminate the aliens.

The battles were intense, but Patrick's strategic mind and Mary's combat skills, honed through countless adventures, gave them the upper hand. They used the ship's layout to their advantage, luring the xenomorphs into traps and ambushes. The auto-chart device helped them navigate the changing environment of the ship, ensuring they were always one step ahead of their enemies.

With the immediate threat contained, Patrick and Mary turned their attention to maintaining order and keeping the crew safe. Patrick's "Computer Passkeys" allowed him to monitor the ship's systems and ensure that critical areas remained secure. He used the spare parts to repair damaged sections of the ship and maintain essential systems.

Mary worked tirelessly to keep the crew healthy and calm. Her knowledge of medicine and repair allowed her to treat injuries and manage the psychological stress of the situation. She conducted regular health checks and provided counseling to those in need, ensuring that the crew remained fit for duty.

The three years in orbit were a constant struggle for survival. Patrick and Mary's leadership kept the crew focused and motivated, even as supplies dwindled and the threat of xenomorph attacks loomed ever-present. They used the stocked kitchen to ensure that food supplies were carefully managed, stretching their resources to last the entire duration of the mission.

As the end of their ordeal approached, hope arrived in the form of a rescue ship full of marines. Now hopefully they won't poke the hornets nest that is the Xenos…

Who are we kidding. It's WY. They're going to go full dumb…

Independent - Whether an independent trader, a mercenary, or a member of an isolated world, you are not initially part of this great galactic struggle. Whether you become so is up to you. This can also be a simple Drop-in option for those who choose.
Species - Manumitted Droid (Battle Droid) (Free) -Sometimes, rarely, a droid owner does something odd. They set the droid free. Droid programming isn't set for that, usually being reset to factory standards after every few years, but with the freedom comes personality. This has led to a strange batch of beings with full sapient rights, in all shapes. From MSE-droids that were upgraded far beyond original specification all the way to Trade Federation remnants.
Timeline - 5 ABY - It has been a year since the destruction of the second Death Star. Ysanne Isard has taken over the Empire as its regent, the Rebellion is swiftly gaining worlds to it's cause, and the first warlords are taking their place in the galaxy.
Starting Location - Agamar -A prime agriworld. Low population, and low esteem to the rest of the galaxy, but consequently little noticed by outsiders.

Piloting (Free) - You have the knowledge necessary for basic flight in most ships, as many have a common control scheme, and can at least fly from one place to another without crashing.
Navigator (Free Independent) - You've got one of those rare talents in astrogation. Through long hours and little tricks you've picked up, you've determined how to cut significant amounts of distance off your trips both interstellar and on the ground, saving valuable fuel and time.
Engineer (Discount Independent, -150cp /850) - Through either trade schools or years of on the job training,you have extensive repair and construction skills. Repairing starfighters, speeders, or even just fixing the holoprojector, if it has a problem, you're the man for the job.
Programmer (-300cp /550) - Computer systems and their integrity is vital to the war effort. You are skilled in the creation and modification of computer programs, leading to efficiency increases, new information analysis, and, of course, sabotage and information theft.
Solo Operator (Discount Independent, -200cp /350) - Your combat specialty lies in single ship tactics. You're capable of mentally tracking multiple targets through space, so that you may evade and hunt themdown on an individual basis.

Everyday Wear (Free) - A weeks worth of clothing appropriate to where you're from. It could be poor world would be fond of rough spun tunics and robes,a rich techno-world enjoying synthetic e-clothing, or even Adumar's love of cowls, cloaks, and all that is high drama.
Flight Suit (Free) - Depending on your origin, this varies greatly. From highly comfortable civilian clothing meant for working in, to the semi-armored life support gear of a TIE Pilot. Two sets.
PowerPacks(Free) - Ten standard power packs, usable with most, if not all, forms of weaponry, shielding, or even just normal electronics. They can plug into outlets and specialized quick-chargers. Please do not throw them in fires.
Forging Kit (Free Programmer) - A set of chip programmers, card printers, and interfaces to create false identities, ship registrations, personal and financial documents, and access passes.
Terminal (Free Programmer) -A much more robust form of data processor, these take can be integrated into ships, made into larger tablets, or simply portable folding computers.
Heavy Toolkit (Free Engineer) - Larger or more precise than simple house tools, this kit contains the necessary workings for starship and vehicle repair or facilities construction.
HWK-290 Light Freighter (Discount Independent, -300cp /50) - An "unarmed" freighter produced shortly before the Clone Wars, the HWK-290 was designed for upscale merchants and diplomats, leaving a very comfortable interior with a great deal of cargo space.
-Class 1 Hyperdrive
-Advanced Shield Generator -Typically used in more expensive or ships that are expected to deal with hazards along the way, this brings up shields from to that of some asteroid miners.
-Autoblasters on the dorsal plating - A fast firing weapons system, the autoblaster puts out a significant amount of fire in a short time, at the expense of being less accurate than standard cannons.
-Signals Equipment (-50cp /0) - Acting both as transmission intercept and jamming in short range, this is as useful for E-warfare as it is for covert surveillance.

Companion (Mary Barris):
Origin - Independent
Species - Manumitted Droid (Battle Droid)
Piloting (Free)
Navigator (Free Independent)
Engineer (Discount Independent, -150cp /450)
Programmer (-300cp /150)
Datapad (-50cp /100) -The most common form of data storage, datapads are available in a variety of types, with 2D or 3D projection, communications, and even some basic games.
Field Surgeon's Kit (-100cp /0) - Surgical tools, smelling salts, trauma kits, antibiotics, laser scalpel, bacta sprays and containers, splints, and numerous other tools of medicine. If it doesn't require a full surgical room, it can be found in one of these kits.

Patrick and Mary, once battle droids in a galaxy embroiled in conflict, had gained sentience and now sought a peaceful existence. They chose the life of independent traders, focusing on humanitarian aid and supplying food to those in need. They found themselves on Agamar, a quiet agriworld with little attention from the greater galaxy. Their ship, a HWK-290 Light Freighter, was a perfect fit for their new lives, providing comfort and ample cargo space for their missions.

As manumitted droids, Patrick and Mary had all the knowledge and skills necessary to operate independently. Patrick's programming and engineering skills ensured that their ship was always in top condition. His "Fabrication" perk allowed him to create or repair items as needed, ensuring that they never faced technical difficulties they couldn't overcome. Mary's expertise in programming and navigation made her the perfect partner, capable of plotting efficient courses and handling any electronic challenges they encountered.

Their freighter, equipped with a Class 1 Hyperdrive, advanced shield generators, and autoblaster defenses, was more than capable of handling the occasional pirate threat. The signals equipment allowed them to intercept and jam transmissions, giving them an edge in any unexpected encounters.

Patrick and Mary dedicated themselves to trading essential supplies, focusing on food and medical aid. They visited various planets and systems, delivering much-needed resources to those affected by the galactic conflict. Their work brought them into contact with diverse communities, each with its own challenges and stories.

Their background as former battle droids provided them with unique insights into the needs of these communities. They were often welcomed with open arms, their assistance proving invaluable to those struggling to survive. Patrick and Mary's compassion and dedication to their mission earned them a reputation as reliable and trustworthy traders.

Despite their peaceful intentions, the galaxy was still a dangerous place. Patrick and Mary faced numerous challenges, from hostile forces to treacherous environments. Their skills and perks from previous jumps proved invaluable in overcoming these obstacles.

Patrick's "Telepathia" perk allowed him to maintain constant communication with Mary, ensuring they could coordinate their efforts seamlessly while in the co*ckpit. Their combined engineering and programming expertise enabled them to adapt their ship and equipment to any situation.

While they avoided direct involvement in the galactic struggle, Patrick and Mary occasionally found themselves caught in the crossfire. They encountered remnants of the Empire, Rebel forces, and various other factions vying for control. Their primary focus remained on their humanitarian mission, but they were not afraid to defend themselves when necessary.

Their ship's advanced shields and autoblaster defenses proved crucial in these encounters. Patrick's "Solo Operator" skill allowed him to track and evade multiple targets, while Mary's piloting ensured they could escape any dire situation. Together, they navigated the complexities of the galaxy, always prioritizing the safety of their crew and the success of their mission.

Over time, Patrick and Mary built a network of contacts and allies. They forged alliances with other traders, local leaders, and even some Rebel operatives. Their work in providing humanitarian aid earned them the respect and gratitude of many, creating a support network that proved invaluable in times of need.

Their ship, always stocked with essential supplies thanks to their meticulous planning and resource management, became a beacon of hope for those in need. Patrick's ability to fabricate new items and Mary's medical expertise allowed them to address a wide range of challenges, from repairing damaged infrastructure to treating injured civilians.

The decade they spent in the galaxy was marked by countless acts of kindness and bravery. Patrick and Mary's dedication to their mission never wavered, and their reputation as compassionate traders spread far and wide. They continued to avoid direct involvement in the galactic conflict, focusing instead on the well-being of those they encountered.

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