2015 Chevrolet Express Quigley for sale by owner - Encinitas, CA - craigslist (2024)

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2015 Chevrolet Express Quigley for sale by owner - Encinitas, CA - craigslist (1)

2015 Chevrolet Express Quigley

cylinders: 8 cylinders

drive: 4wd

fuel: gas

odometer: 240000

paint color: white

title status: clean

transmission: automatic

type: van

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Unique campervan with the 4x4 upgrade by Quigley (~12k conversion) so no worries to get stuck in the sand, mud, snow, mountains etc with his beast which has a Vortec v8 engine (4.8L 285-hp, 293CI, flexFuel) combined with the 3500 higher one-ton payload and towing capacity over the 2500 and 1500 models.

This is a fresh new build and love it but we haven't actually slept in it due to excited changes with work. We're only selling because we won't be able to travel coming 1-2 years so it's a waste to have it sit parked. A lot of work has gone into this, our loss your gain...

The mileage is about 240000, but know these are mostly highway miles because the original main owner (oil company) used it to transport their workers across country. It was also very well maintained which you can also check on a clean carfax report and service records. The engine performs good/strong - these engines can last a lifetime if taken care of, there are thousands of 50yr old chevy's still running on stock engines. Has new registration, no check engine light, no mechanical issues, good tires, the van doesn't need anything.

After a long search for a clean and newer 4x4 van, we finally bought this van in 2020 and used it for camping in the dessert and going to the beach. After a lot of planning we only recently built it into a stealthy looking camper to use for both city and nature trips. We added a kitchen cabinet with sink and running water, a nice vinyl floor, a cabinet with a showerpan, 2 huge storage drawers and a slide out desktop next to the passenger chair that can be swiveled. In the back a Decked 2-drawer system which is ideal for outdoor cooking/dishes and provides plenty of storage. It comes with a new foldable mattress which can easily taken away to use the van also for transportation of stuff. The van fits a queen mattress (if that's your preference). All is brand new and never used. The extended length passenger model makes it spacious and has windows all around which we really like. The 8' low roof makes it fit in parking garages which we needed for the city trips.

This rare clean non-smoker's van has parking back up camera, cruise control, "tow/haul" package, tinted windows, heavy duty all terrain tires with pressure sensors, rubber mat throughout underneath the buildout for sound isolation, cold AC and heat front and back, original vinyl leather seats (passenger seat swivels), power windows, 2 keys and 2 remote keyfobs, inverted power and USB outlet.

We brought it to a reputable transmission place in oceanside for a complete service of the drivetrain and they told me that they didn't find any metal particles in the transmission that would indicate any concerns about the transmission - so all checked out. Also my fav shop did all the repairs and maintenance without any remaining issues. We bought the van for long distance traveling and wanted to make sure everything is 100% before we would go into the dessert and/or long trips. I will show you the receipts and you can also verify with them.

Repairs done: rotors, radiator, catalytic converter, thermostat, fuse box, belts, battery, harmonic balancer, mass air flow sensor, a complete tune up, crankshaft damper and some other things which I can show by the receipts and you can also verify with the shop (all done at the same shop).

This camper van comes with Decked drawer system, portable Geyser warm shower unit, NEMO helio pressure shower, black out blinds for all windows, new Ecoflow PRO solar battery system and with new 100w solar panel installed on the roof, new electric cooler, portable gas stove, new foldable mattress, new foldable ladder for stargazing on the huge extended roof, full spare tire, etc... (complete to travel and/or start living in it).

The paint is in good shape but only the hood has some chips from flying debris.

Asking for reasonable offers from serious buyers. We're not in a hurry to sell. Transaction at the bank. We will keep adding more details and pics on this post in the coming days. Thanks for looking!


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YEAR: 2015
MAKE: Chevrolet
MODEL: Express
TRIM: 3500 Cargo Van ** QUIGLEY **
COLOR: White
TRANS: Automatic
ENGINE: Vortec 4.8L 285-hp, 293CI, 8 Cyl
FUEL: Flex Fuel
DRIVE: 4x4

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    2015 Chevrolet Express Quigley for sale by owner - Encinitas, CA - craigslist (2024)


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